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Mr david sparks. Hey steven today. I am great How how about you. Everybody good sparks household. Yeah we are. You know the the kids are getting well. The dollar number one. Just finished undergrad. So we're celebrating that and graham. Hey thank you. Mac power users audience. You guys helped me with your support over the years. I was able to get a kid through college without any debt. That's awesome now. She signed up for graduate school. So i'm gonna keep working number. Two just started her second quarter. Ucla and they're both home and we're just enjoying it. You know i mean. I'm sure they'll be gone soon enough. So we're trying to enjoy them while they're here. You're you're good The kids are back in virtual school. So you know the the internet connection is being taxed as ever gonna wife is also teaching. So it's you know a lot of video calls going on ever good how to had a quiet new year and so far quiet. Start to twenty twenty one. I feel real motivated. I just really wanted kicks him but this year and that includes making some great episodes of power users. Yeah they were starting often a good foot out. We should say though on more power users the membership version of the show which has no adds in extra content. We're gonna talk about your. Hopefully your ongoing mac experiment where we spoke. Last time about your. I met pro. And we're going to do with it and maybe you're gonna move to the in one and as we're gonna go get a chapter two of that saga in the members episode today. Yeah i can tell you that after we record last week i unplugged my mac pro and i went a week without it and it was an interesting week i'll you. I'm looking forward to hearing about that. But today the show's all about security and Of the nice things about having you on the shows a coast even as your experience as a former apple genius and this is one where stevens said look. I want to take charge of the outline. For the mac security show and gang. Steven wrote a book in the outline today. Nine nine page. Google doc which is quite long for us. But there's there's a lot of talk about and i think it's important. I mean we spoke a lot about this over the last almost year. Now a lot of us are spending a lot of time on the mac for everything now. It's our window to the world for a lot of people end so as we continue to use them for work and play and everything else. I think it's important to know what security is built in. And then we're going to get to some best practices and some things that we recommend to do on top of what apple provides but apple does have a really good foundation that they've built on over the last twenty years of mac. os ten. And i guarantee you if you stick with us this episode. You're going to know a lot. More about mac security than you than you did before you started. I know a lot more than when i started this document. I mean it was the scene in a beautiful mind or has all the papers up and there's push pins and red yarn going. That's what my studio looked like. When i was preparing for this except it was all. Pdf's out of devon think and apple documents all right. Well i think we just gotta dig in man. We got nine pages to get through. All right is really the beginning from the beginning of mac. Os ten that secure foundation as i call it has been there because right from the beginning. Os ten had a lot of stuff that classic mac os didn't really have some of. It was sort of glommed on at the end. You know mac os nine. It's versions but really some basic security has been built into the mac for a long time now. One thing. i didn't even really right about. Because it's it's it's a pretty slippery argument to get your hands around is the security through obscurity. The is just a smaller target for people. And so there's not as much malware four it Those definitely true in the beginning days of mac. Os ten when the install base was just a fraction of what it is now. But from the beginning because os ten was based on next technology had a unix. At its core it had all of the properties ready for things like App permissions so to install an application on the classic mac. Os do anything. Here's run it and with mac. os ten. You would need an admin password to install softwares offer. couldn't install itself behind your back and that really goes back to kind of the foundations. I mean when the original mac came of age. This wasn't a concern. I mean p people insult apps with a floppy disk funny looking floppy-disk at the time and copied it onto their drive or even just running from the floppy and the whole concept of these security problems just didn't exist so the original mac. Os grew up in an era where that was not an issue so it really was ill equipped for it. Yeah totally totally that's that's what What transpired but another big thing was multiple user support. Now apple had sort of duct tape this to the side of mac. Os nine but really mac os ten is where we got proper multiple multiple user support. That means that david nye. Sharon i mac and if i log in i can't see what's in his home folder and he can't see what's in my home folder we have distinct permissions around our files. And that is something that wasn't true in the classic mac. Os right if you had a family mac.

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