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Poke the bear episode 27. I have married off ski alongside Connor and a Boston Sports Journal Connor how we doing Evan? I'm doing very well very excited as you can see behind me. I'm at the TD Garden right now is a garden. Yeah a very excited believe you and I will both be there for as this gets dropped today's home openness. So supposed to be back. It's been a long long time. I think Thursday March 8th by some hours of the garden. So long time coming mine was before that. I think it was sometime in January, but for you you're there now you're camping out. You're there. You're no one said anything else. I can just hang out here. That's like a popcorn machine. I think, you know, it's enough sustenance for overnight at least and we'll see what happens from there some leftover soda from last March. You're not even ask you want to get home. Danny got me. All right. Well, I will be broadcasting remotely for the rest of the season anyways, but very nice to obviously I am not seen the garden since that time either cuz you you were this would be the first time you see the garden as well. Correct? Oh, yeah. Yeah. The last game was that crazy game against wage say we're like Chara which is also funny that's charger last game as as a brunette TD Garden, but we're a heated surrogate shed stick and there's a huge huge brouhaha. So it's just been a very long time. It has no it's been a while. So I'll be excited to see it in all its Glory. I was driving around there today looking for a good place to park cuz I'm not taking the T and I don't want home T. Not these days when those people do a great job down there. I just worry a lot of people on there and you know, if I really don't want to expose myself to that, but I was scouting out parking places and I just realized wage. Not been even in that area since I've had no reason to go down there. So it's so cool to see it. It's all built up. There's so many things that are added there now that I don't remember we went down there. There's like five new Cafe the Euros is a Santa there's eight new songs on Tara Banks. Yes, of course, you know, what's so funny is like you look at the Garden itself. Like if you go back and watch like the 2011 parade and they're outside the garden you look at the changes that's been that have been made to that area in just like nine years is absurd. They don't have that boring-ass like parking lot in front like they had before that it's one of you watch all those videos though, cuz like all of it looks completely different but then you just have to sell these tap on the corner. Just still Standing Tall, which I think it's been there since like, I'm like 16,000 I think so there's they're still rolling. Yeah. No, but it's so cool to see it and I'm excited for it. So let's get into talking some hockey first. Let's get some some injury news out of the way Matt grzelcyk on Wednesday. De a lot of people fear that this might be a big deal. He was out practicing Wednesday biggest piece of news to happen Wednesday, actually, January 20th, 2021 will always be remembered for the Matt grzelcyk is practicing day. And I think I I will tell my children about where I was when I read the tweet that said Matt grzelcyk was practicing but nevertheless the nation is at ease now that the Bruins now they have their best left shot D morning. Good morning in America. Again. Matt grzelcyk is practicing but he is he is back and it they didn't come out and officially say that he is going to be playing tonight or Thursday when ever listen to this in the home opener, but bought a science point to this is not a long-term injury big bullet dodged by them. Oh, yeah. I mean you look at this team and just the way the way they're built and you look on that left side of the defense and how long experience it is and you know granted lausanne has been solid and things of world's been a bright spot for this team. But still you lose probably your best part carrier your guy who you have given the keys to the power play to log. New added on top of already the struggles in terms of you know, even strength scoring if you lose Gallagher is like for, you know, even a couple of weeks considering how crucial this status we've only got fifty six games to get a playoff spot. It adds one major issue on top of another for this team that already is kind of on the ropes right now, especially going up against a tough team in Philly wage for the Bruins. It's definitely a bullet dodged. I mean you you watch that video when it first happened and he lands awkwardly and you worry about his shoulder which he's had shoulder problems in the past, you know doesn't look good time. And again like over the course of need to Game season, you're used to kind of the bumps and bruises and guys being day-to-day and missing a week or two and that's part of the territory, but now it's 56 games and you have to get up to a hotspot even losing the guy like Grizzly for Any amount of time considering the way this process built would be a tough hit for the Bruins. So thankfully it seems like the Bruins of as you said dodged a big bullet there because you know McEvoy m a trial in on the top, you know power playing up with and I mean, who do you kind of Turn To You Right? Is it John Moore? Is it back in 9 in who has on board Jacobs Borel Manning the second unit.

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