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Ten percent off her right. Well thanks for being here with us guys for step. Aside of the year we did have a good new year's really quickly just wanted to quit. Psa that the georgia runoff voting is. If you're listening today. Monday the fourth. It's tomorrow tuesday. The fifth we know we have so many georgia atlanta listeners. We hope you guys are planning to vote if you haven't already so most people have early voted i've seen so many people vote but i'm just reminder to do that and what it means for the senate we're sure you're aware so just make sure you're getting out there and voting just had had to mention it and we're just hoping for the best. We're hoping to piss off mitch mcconnell. I love that people think. I'm like the original mitch mcconnell hater and i think it was like i think it was the first year the podcast. We did like a fuck. Mary kill and i just said like dusty asked mitch mcconnell. I always hated him. Who doesn't but it's funny like the the hatred towards him is so strong now and people always like tag. You started this girl and thank you so much for crediting me. So hateful kicked off. Twenty eight twenty one strong as i as i usually do. I've had a lot of sexist. We okay. Yeah i actually. I'm really excited about your car. We're gonna talk about my vagina helps. Because i've had a ton of come inside of me and no. Ut is oh my god you don't know that yes that it could be could be a reaction. I usually get quite laid reaction. Yeah delayed reaction. Ut i m quick girl okay. we've they come in hot and they come and spicer you. But i hung out my my charleston. Boy her not in charleston unfortunately but had a nice week together and that was fun. Yeah it was nice. But i didn't tell you this thing that happened. It just made me laugh a little short anecdote okay. So for reasons. I can't really explain. My vibrator was in my purse. That's totally normal and fine. You don't need to explain anything here. Supporting whose private or is it. And it wasn't like the rabbit it wasn't like a huge huge dildo vibrator like a little bit bigger than like a lipstick to purse. Companies should be making pockets for vibrators and firstly and i will get you come with the vibrator and more vibrant or company should make travel mode. We were walking into the building. And we've got into a little tiff. But i was pouting and i realize we're in the lobby of the building that my the my vibrator has turned itself on the purse. I mean listen. I could relate to be turned on when you at an inopportune time. That's brighter was. That's the vibe and it's loud and i'm trying to figure out how to make it not make sounds and i was like okay. This is like a lot of people around us but had to get elevator. Ride up eleven floors and try to figure out how to like not keep the vibrator on and he heard the vibrator against like makeup in sheddings. Like what is that. You couldn't pass it off as your phone or my phone vibrate. And he'd been with me all week. I thought it didn't even occur to me to say it was my phone because my phone hasn't been i haven't had my vibrant in like five years. My phone's always silence island. Yeah if you need me in the mail. The night i won't jail. I would be there but i'm not gonna know you it so funny that you would be. I am somebody that didn't need to call from jail before. So i wish you were up till three in the morning though you still be. That's true yeah. I could be up. Yeah the only person that's actually up. Yeah i don't know it's just funny. Because normally i would like acknowledge it and laugh about it. But you're so mad and like i had to go all eleven floors with the vibrator on and then like go into the apartment. I couldn't just take it out of my room. I was like. I'm going to the bathroom and just like stormed off and like shut the door and it was already on the. I thought that was funny. It's never happened before. I don't take my vibe or out of the house with me that often. Maybe you should start. Okay let's think about this more. When was the time that you were fighting with or even just like a tiff with a person. You were dating and something like happen like that like you couldn't laugh about and you're trying to be pissed. I was trying so hard to stay grumpy. And like you just want our knowledge you so funny but also explaining to him. I had my. I had my vibrator on me would have been awkward in the moma. 'cause i was already just being passed. Wait i have mine okay so this is something that my ex would tell like yours to come. We were at a wedding. We're in a hotel. We're in a really nice hotel. We're in a four seasons and we were fighting. I like really blew up. It was not a proud moment for me. So we're fighting in the hotel and we had gone to like an early catholic wedding like a two pm. Whatever you know in the comeback mobile this time before the reception so we were fighting like fight. We fought all day when we came back from the wedding. And we're still fighting. And the hotel. And i got out of my dress and put a robot during the fight. We in the moment. He didn't say anything but when we made up finally he was. Can we not forget the slipped into something more comfortable on kid. Continue this argument. Until i'm more i can't be wearing eric. Kloss will make this argument better because i feel restricted. He just needed to run free. And it's so funny. I don't actually. You might have made a comment in the moment. I didn't buy lean into it but like later. We got a good laugh about that. I think he even told my parents like at christmas. Time gotta find. You slipped into a robe. Did you think in the mummy tight. 'cause when it was happening to me i was politics so i try to grab me and kiss me. While it was happening. I couldn't let him touch me because the bag was vibrating. I again the moment you're like. I can't wait until this is over so that we could laugh about this. Yeah we did. Yeah i think you have that moment for me. It was more like. I can't wait till he apologizes to me. Okay well i have an update. The us might be interested in. So we'll fill you in. This was a guy that i went on one day with had a really good day. We made out. And then he he went to notre dame and he asked me out again and then just kind of ghosted like he was like. Let's go let's go out again. And then i followed up and then never heard from him again. And then he texted me after notre dame beat clemson on biden day. Right after we found out the joe biden won the election which was such a great day and then he texted me at two in the morning. About notre dame beating clemson. We talked about

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