The Pandemic Has Created a Modern-Day Spice Boom


And if you've been spending a little more time in the kitchen since the pandemic began you're not alone. More than half of grocery. Shoppers have discovered a new love of cooking. According to a recent report by sales and marketing firm agusta so much so in fact that many consumers say they plan to keep cooking even when restaurants resume full regular operations but there are only so many pots of chicken noodle soup and beef stew you can whip up before you're craving something else right well as home chefs tired of their standard menus. They began getting a little more creative with spices and seasonings. While restaurant business was down mccormick and company the country's largest spice manufacturer saw consumer demand for its spices and herbs spike. Thirty five percent over the previous year that according to data analytics firm information resources this modern day spice boom made it tough for some consumers to find staples like garlic powder pumpkin pie spice and vanilla extract for their holiday meals. The washington post reports maryland-based mccormick has also doubled down on the notion that consumers want more flavor in clean eating options in the mix. The company made two notable acquisitions in twenty twenty. I it added. Show lula hot sauce. Premium mexican hot sauce brand portfolio. Then late in two thousand twenty. The company acquired phone international align of natural flavors another company benefiting from the spice. Boom is pepsi's spices based in wisconsin founder bill pansy told the washington post quote. People are cooking to get in touch with who they are in these times of stress. Well based on the way vanilla beans flew off the shelves this year. People must have gotten very in touch with themselves while pansies been dealing with shortages in supplies in packaging. Its founder says. He's been impressed by the level of international cooperation in his supply chain while the spice boom is holding steady for now. Some question what will happen when we can freely go to restaurants again probably more of the same at least for now. Experts say to begin with restaurant dining has been trending mostly downward since two thousand. According to research firm the mpg group many people suffered financial losses during the pandemic. Of course now. That home cooks have gotten used to the money saving and health benefits of preparing meals at home. They may be reluctant to give up those advantages. Cnbc reports and then there are unexpected. Contributors to kitchen gadgets like the popular instant pots cooker of made it. Easier for home cooks to pull off complicated dishes like some indian and thai fair the washington post reports. Why go out for dinner and a movie when you can throw a bunch of ingredients in the instant pots and catch the latest net flix release. Especially if you're already working from home right well mccormick's actions back up the theory. That home cooking is here to stay. The company is transitioned its factories to twenty four hour to meet demand. The company estimated that created the equivalent of an extra factory's output by the end of last year pens actually shut down when it saw a spike in orders early in the pandemic we could reconfigure its warehouse to keep workers safe and socially distanced. The team stayed in contact with customers by email to apprise them of their order status until they could catch up. Spice makers are still in a scramble to get consumers the seasonings they need and while it may be a while before their commercial business segments. Come back they have their work. Cut out for them. As long as the kitchen table remains the hottest eatery town

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