Carson Wentz would prefer to leave Philadelphia Eagles, but team is not looking to trade him, per report

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This is the saga that we've been covering forever right carson. Wentz coming off terrible year. You know that he got benched. You'll see all the numbers and it was just awful but when they made the choice to fire the coach and bring in frank. Reich's assistant nick serianni. We figured well at the end of that is coming back in philly. Adam schefter yesterday said maybe not so fast wants. Leave the franchise. That's why the trade still employ. This is a real and this was made up and just because he would like to be moved doesn't mean he will be if i had to guess i would guess he is traded. That'd be my guess. Okay at some point this off season but again. they're not just going to train them just. They're not looking to get rid of him. They're not shefty. I shefty speech. The world listens and dan. Orlovsky we've not had you on this yet today. What is your reaction to this idea that it seems at least from the outside like the eagles have probably done just about everything he might have wanted and he still wants out agree with them. Schefter i think carson wentz wants away from philadelphia for a long time. People thought well he wants away. From doug peterson i think he wants to wait from the city. I think he wants away. From the organization. Greenie do speak so loudly. I need not hear what you say. And we live in a time frame and society where it's the easiest time ever to make some form of statement and carson had two opportunities to do that his first head coach in the. Nfl was fired. He had the opportunity to post something on twitter. Post something on instagram. Saying you're my. I said coach ever in the nfl while it didn't work out the way we wanted to for the long run. I'm forever thankful for our time together. Well then we move on and they hire a head coach. Nick serianni another opportunity to make some form of statement some form of. I'm looking forward to the future. New new beginnings fresh start excited to work with you and nothing for those two reasons. I'm sitting back and going carson. Wentz doesn't want to be in philadelphia. Maybe it wasn't as tight to doug peterson and it is tied to the organization and what has transpired over the past couple of weeks past couple of months. I can tell you this. I had a coach call me last week and spend twenty minutes on the phone with me asking about what my thoughts were with carson. Wentz the good and the bad why. It went south this past season because they've got a high level of interest in them and i think two teams. That should be calling our indy in chicago. Both of them have a win. Now defenses and both of them have some form of a tie in the past with carson wentz being frank reich and indian john d. filipo in chicago so i agree with this Shefty i think it's more likely. He gets traded than not.

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