Lessons We Learned From Launching And Growing Our Membership Site


If you're thinking about launching a membership site or you're going to launch memberships. I in in the next few months don't like spent months building. The whole thing is trying to get it just right instead. Just put the bad bones together in fact you could get away with just having a sales page somebody that takes into a thank you patient. It's great we're going to send you the fuss content next couple of days literally have it not bad boon's and then just test the concept use email to saw driving people to that so many people like delay getting the proof of concept finding out whether people will actually pay for this thing and making sales because that busy still building the membership. I'm still building. We've got loads of friends. Who are in that phase arm still building. It and i'm like come on mate sell it to somebody. Let's find out the actually wanted the likely where you're selling it. Let's find out and just be honest by the way. Don't be dishonest. Don't be like. Hey this is the best super duper membership ever be like. Hey we're launching this. They've this website this new this new membership. It's going to be launching on day. Which is in like two weeks time but if you get in before that poverty email promotion angle. Is you getting a discount. You're getting in i. You're part of the founding membership so get in now so that's a really good lesson. Give yourself a week to get as much as you can gather be honest and the marketing be honest in advertising and get it launch. Then once you've got some cash in and you know people are going to like it you get in touch with those people and help them help them to help you shop the content so yes it does not have to be finished three days to launch as the first one the second lesson we learned was really about when a new member joins your membership. You can use email to give them a really good slightly custom not not massively customized but a customized experience so that you sign post each individual person to the content within your membership is going to help them the most depending on the needs in that situation so the big challenge a membership is for example as soon as you log into the leak. All league members will be completely agree with us. There is a lot of stuff in that. There are like twelve or thirteen complete email campaigns in there and they are beasts that allows us to read through that. Then there's like a whole bunch of training videos and then there's all the qna sessions and then all of the the the the the guest trainings. There's a lot of content so expecting to somebody come in and figuring out where everything is and what's relevant to them right now is too much of an ask so what we do instead. Is we ask people on entry wherever you are what you focus right now and then we put them through an email campaign an automatic email campaign which up once and it's been running for months now which guides them through every few days. Hey rob since your focus is on building. Email list right now. Have you checked out this particular trainer. All hey sarah you your you said that your membership. Here's an email campaign. That's that's really good for selling membership sites and we use it to sell ours. So just drip-feeding that automation signpost and people to different content by just having three four five maybe six tops different automations to help people depending on what the needs. All right now. Means they get results foster. They stick around for longer and they're much happier members. Yeah and you know what it doesn't have to be massively. Complicated can be quite straightforward. You just need to be able to figure out which path by going to go down. Put down that. And don't over sally because a lot of the time actually know people in that. They don't need a million emails to tell them what to do. One of the lessons that we have learned along the ways actually our our on boarding secrets. Initiative was a bit too heavy. We went a bit too hard. Said whoa. I just need a little bit more time between those emails soccer energy. Go and do that thing on my schedule just because you sent some email today saying look at this thing they might flag on so i'll have check that out tomorrow and then tomorrow remailing about something else so just realized that actually sometimes more as long as it's there and it's pushing them in the right direction. Yup you put the problem. You've got there if you end with three days of still that you haven't checked out yet you might think i haven't got time to consume all this stuff and the membership. Which is something. We've heard a lot because there's a lot of stuff in the league so space on those out. What's spacing out right. Now ron to give some people give everyone a little. Bit of more of an idea have we. I think don't down to every third day. I think is what we've done when they got an email pretty much move into the next segment of the campaign at some point when we have to re signed we'll actually teach our on boarding process inside of the league binding. Yeah we wanted to a bit more data because we only teach that we know absolutely smashes it okay. So that's the first two. Also third lesson this of launching the league rob so one of the things i think a lot of people are guilty of we definitely were back in the day is using email as china can new once. Sunday's joined so once. Somebody's a member on that. Paying you every month you use email to notify them about the stuff that's coming up so maybe you've got a live training or a guest workshop or something else and you email and say hey. Don't forget the things on friday. Here's the details and his link see of that and it's very much. Education bats the equivalent of facebook emailing to tell you that somebody's just tag coast poked. I'll email you say. Oh johnny's just poked you. Thanks let it looks a law. Thank you johnny. And so instead what we wanna do is one realize that every mocked every communication that you have we members after they joined is a marketing communication. It's a sales communication and so that means the treated like one through the woods if you think about our approach to solve daily email which. I'm sure you're talking about. One of our frameworks is to take a story and a lesson on an offer. Will you can do that. When you're telling your members about this goofing that's upcoming because it makes your emails stickier. It makes them more interesting than just. There's a thing on friday. If you've got a new thing every day we'll people are gonna get used to the fact that something every friday. They're not really gonna pay that much attention to those emails whereas if the emails offline an interesting in educational and attending in that room right then. That's going to help you along way. So when we send the emails to all members about stuff that's coming up. We don't just say there's a thing on this day about new trainings now inside the membury instead. We'll tell them a story will pull something out of the training. We'll talk about how we met the person doing the trading. If it suggest we'll talk about one of the questions. We answered on the training last night so every time we do it you can pull out something that could be story lesson offer. It could be any other frameworks from the daily email strategy. Basically how about stuff. You're gonna share it on again. Make your emails more interesting effectively. Imagine that you are using those emails to sell it to people who aren't already membership in a second but imagine marketing to your members. Imagine your members to pay to come in at ten bucks. Email should be not good that they would want to go and do it so tree every email communication to you're paying them this like it's trying to resell them which it is remember really is is trying to resell them. Bring us nice and smoothly onto episode episode onto number four point number four which is about every single week or every single month you are almost certainly creating and releasing new content to your members and the great news. Is that is giving you brand new angles. Brand-new stopped talk about to your email list of non-members. So let's say we've just dropped a new training. Which has about how to make sure that you'll grow your list with maximum profitability at one of our of our of our battle plans inside of inside the league so they'll be emails around how it's important to on november saying it's really important to me. She don't run out of money when you grow your email list. Good news is that's one of the things that's dropped inside of our membership. The league come and join the league so you sell. You'll membership based on the content of the membership individual pieces of content. And that means people can go. I'm really interested in that thing because you people are looking for a reason joyal membership and it might just happen to be something you release this week this month or this quarter is the very thing that holds them over that thing so whatever your content is that you're releasing makes you use that as the basis to sell non-members into your membership very cool and again it. Just it just gives you a this unstoppable run of content because you can pull several. Emails are of each and every one the fifth lesson that we learned is that we need to have a series of different promotional campaigns to sell the membership from different angles. So obviously we do day to day my marketing what we call us noble emails. That's like a podcast episode in itself but like just you know ate today emails but also we run these campaigns which have a beginning middle and end like over the course of three days or four days or seven days or ten days. We'll send people to bits of content. Which then linked to a sales offer which then have a bonus or something something cool to hook people in and we know that different people different things appeal to different people and therefore we wanna give people a vast array of different reasons to pay attention to us so sometimes we have campaign which is all email lead and it's just designed to help people what the league is but then they will buy from that will the next campaign might send them to a free video where they go. Watch the free video. That's some education in and if they go march that free video than we put them down a different route so we want to make sure that we're on the you know. Sometimes we might do a free challenge. People enrolled in this five day free challenge. We share a bunch of stuff at the end. We can sell the so. We want to make sure we got a whole bunch of different ways to wrap up the league so that people can see it differently they can understand it differently and it allows them everybody at some point to have seen heard the binny's to see or hear in order to make the decision that that going to actually

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