Republicans support changing Georgia constitution amid Fulton County DA's criminal probe into Trump efforts

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We know the fulton. County district attorney fanny willis is investigating donald trump and lindsey graham for alleged election interference based on calls they made to the secretary of state brad ravensburger and already republicans are seeking to muck up the works georgia state. Republicans introduced a resolution. Thursday that seeks to change the georgia state constitution to mandate the use of a statewide grand jury in prosecutions involving crimes. The move would force prosecutors to draw more grand jurors from predominantly republican rural areas of the state. Let me translate that for you. Republicans don't want black people on the grand jury. That sounds about white. That sounds about white. Alison thank you. You're welcome that they don't want any they don't they. Just want fewer black people in the grand jury that would ultimately decide whether to bring charges against the former guy as we are. Now calling anthony michael crease. A law professor at georgia state specializing in con- lock constitutional on civil rights says quote. This is an attack on black political power if folks engaged and election misconduct and fulton county. Then they should face jurors who looked like members of the community in fulton county subject to the discretion of the decisions by elected officials empowered by fulton voters fulton county. The largest county in georgia's got a population of just over a million people and it also has the largest number of black residents approximately four hundred and forty thousand which accounts for forty three point. Six percent of the county's total population by contrast georgia as a whole has a black population of thirty two point. Six percent quite a difference. But there's some good news here. According to crease. This measure is unlikely to secure the supermajority requirement for state constitutional amendments and would still require voter ratification and even if it garnered the requisite number of votes in the general assembly. There's no way the voters are going to vote for this absolutely not. Twenty-five georgia senate republicans cosponsored the proposal for the amendment georgia's fifty six member. Senate currently has a republican majority of thirty four to twenty two amending. The state's constitution would require a two thirds vote of the senate which would necessitate the vote of at least four. Democrats before heading for ratification from voters. But that doesn't make this effort any less racist. No it's unlikely but super racist

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