Chris Harrison 'stepping aside' from 'The Bachelor' after controversial interview


The bachelor is now looking for a permanent replacement to chris harrison to host the show exclusive. You're not gonna hear this anywhere else so. Chris temporarily stepped down from the show or so he thinks but insiders tell me he might never come back. Get this sifford. At weird's is well. I've got a really good explanation for it so source ocal remember tom bergeron and dancing with the stars before the racist incident. Abc had decided that chris was a little tarnish that had been on the show for over a decade. Another white gentleman on tv. Times have changed so they will already looking for somebody younger. Maybe a person of color maybe a female they were looking for options for a potential new hosts they did. They did this to tom. Tom did not know this was coming. So basically they're looking for another tyra banks now. I know tyrus controversial on on this show. We really debated tyra. I worked for tyra. So i know her but it took me a moment to love on dancing with the stars. But you can't deny there's a lot more birds on dancing with the stars and the ratings which is really old aka robots. The rates have gone up so looking for a tire type. You some of the names that have been bouncing around the halls at is tyrod is tara. Banks should be. But i think she's got a handful on dancing with the stars but it is it. Abc show so she could do these names. I'm hearing chrissy. Teigen is somebody they really like. I think christie has a relationship with nbc. So that's tricky. Another name on hearing within the abc family is antony and discern. I love him. Always a lot of fart ria from blache i mean but but he too like didn't he have some type of scandal back in there was something there. I don't remember it off the top of my head by get see that being assured trusting another name too and they love him. Abc michael stray ham. They really love him and he certainly charismatic. And when you think love. I could see him not as the bachelor is not handing roses but he's a trick host and get this. This names are very interesting. Name rachel lindsay i. She was the very first. In fact. I think the only other black bachelorette and she's the one who spoke to chris who interviewed chris. And that's where this whole controversy started now. Rachel says she's done with this. She's done with the franchise. She has a couple of more events to do and then she's contractually free of them and she wants to move on but that was before her name popped up to replace him of course.

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