Why You Need the Church & the Church Needs You: Representing Christ


Let's grab our bibles now and we're in a series that were calling whatever growing christian needs to know. The title of my message is why you need the church and the church needs you. Let me say one thing before we get to acts two because that's too is a description of the church of the per century. This is a church that changed their world. It was said of them not as a compliment. I might add that. They turned their world upside down. So we need to go back to this church for our example to see how do church right because you know some churches. They don't have growth problems. Some churches have parking problems and other churches. Don't some churches have kids running around making a lot of noise and other. Churches tend to be very quiet. Some churches have more expenses than money and other churches need to spend much money. Some churches are growing so fast. You don't always know everyone's name but in other churches everyone has known everyone's name for years. Some churches are planning for the future. Some churches are living in the past. Okay so when you come to our church and you have to wait to get a parking space or you have a hard time getting into this room. Or whatever thank god. That's a sign of spiritual health. Those are good signs that we should rejoice over so now look at that church at turn. The world upside down. Here's what they did. Act to forty two to forty seven says of those first century believers. This is after the dea. Pentecost did happen. Three thousand people believe and they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship and the breaking of bread in prayers in fear came upon every soul. Many and wonders were done to the apostles. Now all who believe were together and had all things in common and they sold their possessions and goods and divided them. Among all as anyone had knee so continuing daily with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house the eighth or food with gladness simplicity apart praising god and having favor with all the people and the lord added to the church daily those that were being saved. We'll stop there. This church was healthy effect. You could sum it up in this acronym. Well they were. Well w e l w for they were a worshiping church e for they were an evangelistic church l. number one. They were a learning church and all number two. They were a loving church. They were well. Worshiping evangelistic learning and loving. Let's start with that first principle. One they were a worshiping church. Look at verse. Forty-seven praising god and having favor with all the people and the lord added to the church daily those that were being saved. You know something wonderful happens. When god's people come together for corporate worship it's just amazing the world doesn't have anything like it. I remember years ago. I went to a paul mccartney concert and he was in a band called the beatles by the way case you've never heard of them and in so he had his big song let it be you know and everybody knew it and people pull out their cell phones and such and there were swaying back and forth and singing let it be and and it almost took on a religious tone like it was almost like secular worship except they were worshiping beetle instead of god or maybe worshipping their past or whatever it is they were thinking about but i thought this is as close as the culture gets to worship. We're seeing this song together. We know the lyrics of the song. But it's different. When god's people gather y'all were singing a song and we know the lyrics. But the bible says god inhabits the praises of his people. Haven't you sent to lord's presence during worship. It's a wonderful time. Why said he should not be late for church because worship is not a warm up act. It's prayer set to song. Now why would i be late for a time. A prayer and we're told in scripture that we should be worshiping the lord someone oh six praise the lord give thanks to the lord for. He is good in. His mercy. endures forever from genesis to revelation. Our faith is one of worship and song. There's no faith on the face of the earth that has music like the christian. Faith i mean you can look at all these other religions and check out their music if you like they just don't have that much to sing about but the great songs come from the christian faith and not just songs we we've sung in the past but new ones that are being written all the time because our fate does vibrant and it's living and we're singing on earth and one day we'll be singing in heaven. Revelation fifteen gives us this picture of our future. When john says i saw what looked like a sea of glass mixed with fire. It's standing beside the see. Those who had been victorious over the bee's that would be the christ and his image and over the number of his name. They held harps given to them by god so we will have harps in heaven. Maybe they'll be electrified though. I don't know. And they sang the song of moses the servant of god and the son of the lamp. Great and marvelous are your deeds. Lord god almighty justin. Sure your ways king of the ages. You'll be singing in heaven and by the way we'll all have good voices in heaven you know. Don't you wish you had a great voice. funny thing. Sometimes people were the worst voices. Think they have great voices. God bless them they sing with passion and you can hear them off key and everything. But i'd rather see someone sing off key loudly than a person who doesn't sing at all and you know when it's all said and done god doesn't care what your pitches or if you're on key he looks at your heart. And if your heart's engaged that is honoring to the lord. We should all participate in worship. And you know there are times. We don't feel like worshiping right. You're just not in the mood. And that's why he was thirteen. Fifteen says let us offer the sacrifice of praise to god continually that is the fruit of our lives giving things to his name. You know it's one thing to praise god when the sky is blue and the birds are singing and the lights are green. It's another thing to praise. God when all hell is broken loose when darkness has come down in your life or you're facing the tragedy. What a job do after. He found out that he had lost his possessions his livelihood and worst of all his children in a series of calamities. We read when joe purdy sings he worship and said blessed be the name of the lord naked. I came into this world naked. I will go out. See that's just worship. It's like what else can i do. God help but sometimes it's a sacrifice of praise. The bible does not say that we should give thanks to the lord when we feel good but we should give to the lord because he is good and he always deserve operators something. Maybe you've not thought about worship can be a witness. Your worship can actually be a form of evangelism look at verse forty seven again praising god having favor with all the people and the lord added to the church daily those that were being safe there was a connection between their worship and their with this. Here's a good example member. When paul and silas were thrown into prison for preaching the gospel. And what are we read. We read at midnight. Paulin

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