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Doing. I'm doing terrific todd. Our a to No complaints but I see you have a new sign. So i do yes. I guess i'm going to have to get a new sign in a room. I put a big fat one right. There says blueberry podcasting right rip between your red bull Cab yeah monitor there you could. You could fit a little sign there Wouldn't be very hard at all. No it wouldn't so anyway what's happening. Well I don't know i i got to play around a lot in Twitter spaces last night. Learn a lot about that. Actually i i just sent you an email with a screenshot to your geek news. I don't know if you you know at some point. You wanna pull it up on the screen so people can see what looks like okay. I'm sure that there are. People are getting pulled into this new spaces thing but i thought it was an interesting development twitter's different strategy here. I learned a little bit about it. So you'll get an invite to that. Well yeah if you follow somebody or if they follow you and they happen to be one of the five hundred beta testers. Twitter has identified out there to to Test host Spaces sessions than it shows. Up in your. You're scrolling barth top. Your twitter app that has the the the round the small round images basically it. It's a different kind of presentation. But you just click on that and it takes you into the room. She put up on the screen. But i also have the the new media show logo there too so there you go. I'm just teasing us which you are doing. You're but i think you. You should have a blueberry sign behind you. I think that's that would be. Maybe some looking at the email you sent me and kid. I don't know if i can let me see if i can save this image. And then maybe they can bring it up the screen. It'll be better a desktop. I will be able to see it. But yeah so what i see. No i can do this. Well all right. Let me see if i can show what. I'm seeing what i'm seeing here. It says nicholas maros. and then scott. Your thing says at rob greenlee. Give watch the latest buzz and podcasts in medium and then in the on demand video replay. That what you sent me. Oh yeah then it's all it's all one one screen shots so win session is going on the. The host can share a link at the top of the page to something. That's being talked about how they brought me in there too. You know when they talked a little bit about podcasting in and they the host put that link which was basically a tweet about the top of the page. That's why that's up there. Well for the first time in ages max. Our computers to my mac just crashed. What yeah just crashed now know what happened. But it's okay. We're still online. So max do crash. Ladies and gentlemen has really weird it just blinked in and died on me. Why yeah is really weird l. Sounds come back okay. Well that's a good sign may be a time for a new. Macbook perot guests. That's true everything's everything's restoring here. Well so what was your then. What what's your impression. What do you think do you think they're going to give a run for the money It's it's a little model compared to clubhouse There're they feel like these rooms. Are these sessions need to be more more impromptu In also not themed to have just a person associates your name versus say exactly. It's a different. It's completely different thing so you bring people into the room Or those people joined the room. I guess it's a opt in thing and Anybody in the room can speak. It's just a matter of turning your your your positioning from being listener to a speaker. So the host doesn't have control who actually has the ability to speak So so the topics can be very can be all over the map. It can be events that can be whatever people wanna talk about. It doesn't have to be focused on a particular topic rank And there's also all sorts of emojis you can trigger on your your little round icon to to clap or to give one hundred percent or you know two favorite things plus. It also has a built in capability of transcripts which i thought was interesting. It's not working right now. But you know it's it's a different approach. There isn't clubs right. It's like clubhouse don't even know how you make a club in clubhouse i guess you have to be superhero over there to get a. Yeah you have to be a fairly heavy user. Plus you have to apply for it. Yeah that isn't what that's not even an option in my lineup right. So so that's what's going on over there. That's quite different than spaces than i did. Hear This is just a rumor but i heard that The instagram folks may be working on a spaces and clubhouse competitor Right now as well. There's rumors that facebook Maybe could wind up buying clubhouse so you see these this this medium starting to really kind of heat up and a lot of people taking interest And so i applied to be a twitter spaces host and to that. There's an application process actually. It's in my twitter feed if you wanted to go in and apply to be a They host of twitter spaces. I guess they're they're looking for more hosts and they're going to scale it up. Yeah so you know. That's what i learned about it. I i agree. They town webster posted something on facebook about clubhouse and i was one hundred percent in agreement. It's become now clicky. I go into rooms and it's the same. Six seven people have same six seven people. Same seven people and that to me is you know i was in. I was in a room for three hours yesterday. that's open an and just you know i'm not expecting to get called up or anything but Couldn't even i don't even couldn't even raise a hand to say had something to say so i don't know the story with that is the yeah they have that feature in clubhouse where you can turn off People even even raising the hand rise. They won't say something that's dramatically what's different about clubhouse compared to to spaces that may be good. It may be bad depending on. You know hell things with the content or was the subjects will. Why go into an event where you can't even participate. That was my whole thing. As as just like okay. Well it's the same thing. I mean at a conference right talk. I mean a lot of sessions at a conference. You go in and you listen. There's always question and answer time right and it turns into a little bit of a popularity contest right kim and if the people onstage no you know of you and that they're more likely to invite you up on the stage. Yeah i'm i'm not so sure right so you know one of the one. The rooms requires you to put their damn logo on your face to

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