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You're driving in traffic all of the time I you know. I just woke that going forward. Some of us will remember value of hadden's in meetings which they seem very awkward in the beginning and some people tatum so much they just signed off and reviews combat. But were those of us who had to stick it out. There were these we had to accomplish. I think we learned how to work through the awkwardness of winners. It might've speedy and ocean the conduct brisson's talking and once we did that we download it was really productive platform for getting things done and could sit down calmly in our desk with a cup of coffee or glass of water and proceed to our meeting without the rush of. Oh i just got the freeway. I'm laid i gotta find parking place. A russian take an elevator. So i i just hope that some of us will from time to time and undoubtedly in person meetings organic resume as soon as nike And i hope that some of the small may be take her pause in every now and then say you know. This meeting doesn't have to be. We're solidity in the comfort of our own homes or on offices and students via sumer via conference call. Do you think that's going to be a trend. A lot organizations that. I belong to have taken this idea that they're going to continue to move forward in a hybrid fashion because a lot of people on the business side. There's really interesting aspects on the business side to it and on the organizational side the philanthropic side. There's this it's a weird phrase to us but there's an intimacy to being on zoom call even in a big group that you don't get our im- person and you get locked because you get lost in a crowd. You can't see everyone you can't necessarily reach out and talk to someone as readily as you would because you don't want to interrupt a conversation are you can't get somebody's attention or you just can't get across the room in time to say hi but there's this really unique aspect if people can put aside the bad things that they don't like about zoom meetings there really are some amazing aspects to it and that intimacy is one of it that that togetherness in that environment that closed sort of environment. I know it's flat but it still. There's just something about it. So i really hope that we don't lose that as well at that. Some of those aspects do continue. I think a lot of visits. Lisa wins that i've talked to a really thinking of ways to maintain that hybrid attitude. Yes i think that'll be a very valuable thing. And i agree with you on the intimacy aspect. I don't think that's a strange word. She news at all because each person speaks. Like you. Say in large meeting there as stills screen. You're like sitting right next to them because you are sitting. I'm literally twelve inches from my computer minister light near and and i think it's also much to more colegio meanings Because people are in that situation where you know so close to someone. So you're not as inclined to interrupt and i've seen people being more respectful of the other speakers in group studying than they would be on the same room which is really interest is great and the time saving to. I've had colleagues comment. On the fact. That meetings are more streamlined. People get on get to the point and he do business and were out of harrods. It's really an interesting at timesaver on so many levels i love it. It is and i think you know. I think additions years one thing that has come out of his process Not only in this do meetings. But i think a lot of people have found that working from home really massively increases their efficiency and makes them more productive now removed from nine observation with people. Were trying while homeschooling junior and their husbands desk right next to them or the white working talking on their cell phones that probably has been pretty challenging predom- but for those who are able to work in in a quiet workspace. I think a lot of people have probably learned. They're more productive spates. Yeah i think a lot of employers have realized that aspect of it you know that in fact this huge fear that productivity is gonna drop people are going to be messing around. I don't think that's the case. And i think that people at this point have relaxed enough to trust that and that takes it a step farther to allow people to manage their time on their own as they see fit as long as the work gets done. What does it matter if it's done after. The kids have gone to bed as long as you. You know. Returned all your phone calls. During the day you attended all the meetings you're supposed to do the work aspect of it. You know that ability to work around the spouse sitting next to you or you know the caregiver aspect of your life whether it's kids or family members whatever it might be. That flexibility is so amazing. And it's it's been such a blessing to be able to to do that just to just to get just organizer life. Even if you don't have kids we don't have kids and i still find it very distressing to be able organize my life. The way need to organize my life and still get my work done and not have to worry about. Are they gonna think. I'm slacking off. My might not doing what i need to do. All of those sorts of things right. That's a very interesting thing. I just said because of that. Recession voting booth slack off. My background is in big law firms and there was always reception. That abuse associates were in the office. They weren't working. So i mean it was actually kind of well. Rumor was made that there was kind of a patrol that walked the halls around six fifteen and evening to see who is still seated their guest so i hope an experience are no doubt i can really see. He's probably true. Yeah but i. This is disabused. A lot of those partners in law firms and employers in general sh from the idea have is on their employees or their associates. Nothing productive is happening. Because i think this has take. It's probably done the right amount wine to allow those that learning to take place the yes people can't be trusted. They are adults. They are human beings and at the same time. I think probably employers have identified

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