A highlight from Episode 20: Stephen Mark Rainey


Layer of the mothman and fellow. Gio casher. I really enjoyed reading your book. I appreciate that. I had years ago. Want when i first started geocaching The publisher crossroad press. That does the mayor skiers series had. Several you should write a geocaching now because who would who would do it better. And i said well given try. And i came off very with it when he started off man. I thought you now. I can tie geocaching into that. So that chain geocaching hobble that I plotted wrote probably five years earlier. That didn't include them off man. But i was able to take all those plots from the original geocaching story and tie them in the way i wanted to with that book. Wow that well. I think so The background of the mayor skiers series is Been writing professionally for thirty something years and now elizabeth massie who is a pretty well known author in horror. Fantasy the speculative fiction field and She came up with a series. It's called ameera. Skiers geared mostly toward younger readers from say eight to fourteen years old And she asked me. If i would be interested in contributing to this series we had written a few things that we glam rated previous years she wrote novel in the harpercollins. Dark jettas familiar with dark shadows. The old tv show. I heard of it. But i have not gotten involved in that one when i was a youngster. I was a knocked out. Die hard dark. Shadows fan is a soap opera that had vampires where roles and it was fantastic. And so when i got a chance to do the dark shadows novel with her. That was a dream. Come true but We've worked well together many many times years and So the whole concept of the amir skier series which is all said and done. There will be fifty books One for each state and each one Involves legends folklore word that sort of thing from each state and initially. She said well. The first thing i need is a book about mothman from west. Virginia you interested in that were said well yes and So that turned out to be my my first one in the series. I've since had two more publish them almost finished with the next one. I'll have at least one more to do after that. None of those sadly relate to geocaching. Got one in there. That's a makes me very happy. Yeah there are. I have done some searching and there do not seem to be from what i have found too. Many books that feature geocaching in them. So i was very excited to come across this one natalie. Did it have geocaching. But it has monsters which i absolutely love. That's a a have put. Copies of that book in quite a few caches is like a. I define alibaba is in every now. And then i'll just take one out to some random cash and let some poor suckers that thing up hopefully be done that with some other books to you know. Get some extra copies end from the publisher outlaw. I'll go load a few in a cash from time to time. And i've gathered a few readers that way and i've probably influenced a few people to never speak to. How did you get started geocaching. I've always been real keen on hiking going out in the woods. I grew up in a fairly small town in virginia Martinsville and it was a very wooded area with lots of trails. Lots of places to ride bikes hours a namur to the woods. Since i and there was a this was back in late. Two thousand seven there was a brand new trail in martinsville. I was visiting my mom. And i decided to look up some information about the new trail online. And the first thing. Took me to the geocaching page. And i had no idea what that was. I read their took me their coach.

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