A highlight from 440: The NHL Returns! Darren Pang's Take on the Senators; Evander Kane Files for Bankruptcy


Weekday. Steve worn along with jim jerome jimmy's in edmonton and we're talking sports. And whatever and after a very very bitter eared off season the nhl is back tonight as a recording this for hockey fans across the continent jimmy. It's gonna make for a fantastic distraction from the virus. How are you doing today. the i'm okay man okay. We talked about it yesterday. Hockey cranking up. The unique thing will be the back to back games. Of course the canadian division the guarantee that one of those gain team's gonna make it to at least the semifinals I was. I was kind of tepid about it yesterday. I don't know that sounds. That sounds like a free pass. You know sort of thing. But but i woke up this morning thinking about hockey starting out. That's good that's good. It might be a free pass for the canadian. Teams were terrible. But i think there's a good chunk of canadian teams. That are very good so yeah. A canadian team is an automatic for the conference. Final for sure. But it's not like it's a lesser division. That gives them a free pass. It still going to be well earned even though we're kind of putting in framing it in those terms like a canadian team is guaranteed a spot. It doesn't mean it's not going to be hard right. Darren pang yesterday. We had him on the suspended with me and rusty. You're a big part of that as well and he talked about the sense at the end of the show. So i i was telling you the clip it if you wanted to and use it but let's clipping played right here then. Oh there we go. Here is darren pang Former ottawa sixty seven's goalie longtime saint louis blues analyst and of course always keeping an eye on the ottawa senators. Here's what pinger did say on the spendable 's about the ottawa. Senators fundraisers for cronin colitis in ottawa. In writing martini. This virtual are martini madness. And because of andy scott who is one of the great agents in the game they were able to secure tim students like him on the show. chuck yeah brady. Chuck came on the show as well. And so i thought that's a good auto a boy right there so i like him. I follow auto online especially with brady. I play. I play some golf with brady in the offseason. He's here. I think he's a gamer. Russi you'd love this guy. I knew them when they're really young. I'd met them in the summer. At cam neely's golf tournament. Little kids running around. And if they're anything like their dad or They're going to just great. I mean there's what they're already by the great players but it's nice to hear that their leaders because off everyone is you know not everybody's leader. No they've been they've been brought up in this game the correct way like they like you know like we were out in calgary a couple of years ago and we you know wall waltz one of our mature scouts. Pig wallpa- keith. And so he was with us and you know he was there with matthew and and Walt set it up that the the broadcasters the trainers meet up at Joey tomatoes and he told matthew matthew come on out and meet up with the guys and then he he stood up and said he matthew like this. Is this. what it's all about you know. Take care of these guys and you know you see you see that natural progression like what wafted with trainers what the older guys how they treated trainers and then they get the next generation to treat in the way. Give them bonus money. Whatever these guys don't make a lotta money all those little things this could truck boys. They just know what to do and how to get it done. So i'm a huge fan bottle. I think they've got some great prospects. I think they drafted well. I i think they're up and coming. There's no question about that for me. And i like their coach. I'll be honest. I really like the coach. I thought that was a really good pickup He's got them in the right direction. Yeah i do you ready for that. Stevie on a boy whom shock So there he is darren pang. Is there a nicer guy. In hockey in media than darren pang no bagel. yeah i well. Gordon gordie wilson. Right woody is right up there you know we. We had him on a few shows ago on on the s. wpa and he's great. But darren i. I met him years and years ago. He's an ottawa guy radio. He's i think he went to bell high school. And i know him and i know his sister We worked with his brother to mike at At bell media. Yeah great great guy dares just wonderful you know. Invite you to listen to the show so well-spoken and he's a great analyst. You know i. I pick up his games every once in a while during a during

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