Incorrect. There's definitely been a conversation about the timing. That is


It relates to him being removed from the White House. Then the timing very much is a major part of the conversation. But on the merits of impeachment, there are two different things I can say. Or you can say anyone can say it is a quote unquote impeachable offense in the sense that what the president did in the words that he used And the lie that he told people to get them to come down to the Capitol, thinking that they were going to see the overturning of an election. But that led to the riot, right and you can say that that is on its face an impeachable offense. On the other hand, you can also say the words that were used despicable. It does not rise to impeachment because it didn't incite. These were protected words. The speech was protected speech and that's where I fall. Found his speech to be disgusting. And I do think I do think that the words and the lie led to that seat, but they were also protected speech. It was also protected speech, and I'm not comfortable. When we're talking about speech. It does not rise to the legal definition of incitement. I'm not comfortable moving forward and using impeachment. As a means

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