Mini-Ep 171: Hitting the Wall



So well hello dory hello we hate our are we have. We both hit the wall every time every time. I think i've hit the wall. It turns out there's another wall behind the wall. You hit the wall the walls down and then there's a new walk. Yeah funhouse mirror of walls endless walls. I've definitely hit the wall. Got dammit. there's another walshaw interest in a room. honestly it's like it's like an endless. It's like a rug hall of mirrors yet. The said like a funhouse mirror better. I've had a wall again. I'm operating on a not a lot of sleep and kind of a raw forty eight hours in terms of like me functioning as a member of my family. And i like i don't know i i. It's just it's rough. It's rough here saying i'm right there with you. Oh god i've done a lot of yelling. I've done alati yelling. you have. Yeah yeah and then a lot of shame about the yelling. It's fun it's fun. It's fun dory and a lot of like put on call. Music and make kids will be like. Why is this sad music on this. We need this to all. Come down looking up. Calm piano playlists on a spotify account god. I'm grasping at straws here for things to try to make us all feel better. But it's it's tough. It's really tough it. Just it feels especially tough because like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel right like people are getting vaccinated like this. This is going to end. But we don't know when and right now it's really scary up there so many people we know just in the world have tested positive. And it's like what the hell so. It's really scary. It's really scary. And there is a the collective grief of what we're going through right now. Like i feel like i've gotten really good at kind of like numbing myself to it but eventually we're gonna we're gonna have to process the grief of not going to be really hard and i mean like in as individuals. Yes but also just kind of as a society and i. That's just going to be a lot. And i feels like we haven't quite done it yet. And i'm hopeful that maybe will but oh it's just it's heavy. Yeah it's real heavy. So i mean look lighter and lighter news story yes i as a as a non recommended form of self soothing. Kind of something that we've talked about. You've done a good job of putting items in your shopping cart online but not always buying things. Yes yes yes this is i. We had to get a birthday gift for one of my daughters friends. Virtual birthdays okay. And we shopped at target and i was like oh where the target website. Well i need some need some paprika than i was like an also. Try these ten products. That i've been wanting to it was like i just I don't i don't feel good. What's going to make me feel better. A bunch of sally hansen nail products and Some lori al. Eight second wonder water which is a product. I wanna talk about okay. So basically what. I'm telling you is that i bought a ton of stuff that i'm trying out. I'm going to be dropping. Some thoughts and reviews over the next couple of episodes. I'm excited for this. Because of a kate spencer prod review on us. If we can't like channel all our stress into prods. What good is this pod wetter. We even here for. Why are we talking right now. Yeah okay have you. Have you heard of this stuff lori. L. eight second wonder water. I have not oh okay. Let me tell you a little bit about it. It's a newer product. It is a tiny twenty allure. Best of beauty winner now. okay. I don't normally give much credence to like product awards but the allure. Best of beauty is one that i do hold in very high regard. I understand. I think that is like when i see that. Something has their seal of approval. Yeah i i read the review on the website. I love their year end list really their staff. Yeah so this is just been like hot on line. I believe hot on the graham. Maybe the talk. I don't know because my brain is mush talk. Yep that's what everybody calls it talk. I don't know like even where it entered my brain space just because there's so much scrolling and tiredness going on On point. I became aware of this right. So this uses something called lama lar- technology which essentially from what i have read it zones in on the parts of your hair that need treatment deep conditions at very quickly and leaves you with a silky smooth conditioned hair and hey the name of the second wonder water which is like amazing marketing. You're only supposed to massage on your head for eight seconds. See it comes with a squirt to but actually has the dosage amounts on the back marked so like it's like this is trying out says like this is how much or like this is one usage so i found that very helpful. Thank you laurie. Al and you play it after shampooing you squirted all over your head and into your hair for the aforementioned eight seconds and then you rinse it out and it warms on your head like it's like a wo- s it. It's a strange feeling. I'm gonna. I'm gonna grade at a b. minus c. plus okay so. That's not super enthusiast. Now i was like so it costs about ten bucks and i'm going to try it one more time to just kind of see if maybe you know. Maybe i didn't massage for the full eight seconds. I don't know it might just be my hair. I posted on instagram. And lots tons of people responded about it and many had tried it and loved it. If other people whom like a blue blue drood blue drood lou dried lows dried. I blow dry my hair after which is of a bottle recommends and my hair was nice. It was smooth. it was silky. But it wasn't like

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