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I'm wondering if this happens to people do you think people fake commute because people need to get set and get ready to start their work day? And for a lot of people add times the times they want the extra time, right? Do they go on a walk or a fake drive somewhere? This is a new trend thing. The fake commute because, after a day of work A lot of people download on the drive home. And even though people call it traffic or commute, it also is seen as a glorious way to enjoy us to enjoy my talk to get your head space clear for the day. I've never gone to the I really have gone. I do know this. I go to the store at the drop of a hat. Just get out of the house do OK, and luckily, I've always liked grocery shopping. But, you know, I mean, I don't go excessively. I'm not going like every day, but I think if I even need three things I think I would go were in pay pre pandemic times. I would let that get up to a good list of at least 20 thing, right? Because it's just something to do. And then I think, Oh, I can pick up a card. Or maybe there'll be some sort of delicious cheese or little sweet treat for Casey. I mean, it's like joy. Laurie, I

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