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This is the best moments of the barbecues central show in ten minutes or less ever wish you could listen to your favorite interview or segments. Do you enjoy doing older shows for the first time in years but by peirce moments of the barbecue central show in ten minutes or less. He's just would you need. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show. Hello john solberg here your host for the best moments of the barbecue central show in ten minutes or less and this episode is being brought to you by the butcher shop. Purveyors of highly sought after one hundred percent. Australia non cross breath y lara plus bridge gates and has always. They are handpicked. Just for you. Every week there sipping out competition quality meats too many of the biggest teams in the competition seen across the nation simply put teams. Who use the butcher shop win. And they went off and not a competitor but still having for the finer cuts in life great news. 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Facebook dot com slash. The butcher shop shop spelled s. h. o. p. p. e. the butcher shop home of the one hundred percent australia non cross bred y lara nine plus briskets. What is going on in this episode. I'm going to take you back to january. Fifth in two thousand sixteen. Greg is going to catch up with quark crew master drivers clark all right so i have a lot of questions for you and hopefully you got some time. Maybe i can hold you over. I'm going to ask you. Launched the the question upfront. If you if. I could hold you over for a second segment. So let me let me back way the f out here real quick for the people that might just be tuning in tonight or just kinda getting into competition barbecue here this year. That's their new year's resolution. Little quick background about travis clark clark crew barbecue team kind of when you got into to competition barbecue and how you found out about competition barbecue three years ago at the american oil That that was going on. I was in kansas city doing a kidney walk for a good friend of mine. Who had a kidney transplant. Thinks of the city was smelled. The smell of barbecue going on. I kind of figured out what was going on asked around and They have to be going on wooden. Too far away so Online with little looking to my wife. I said before we head back home. We were living in in in far western kansas. Then i said i wanna go down and check it out you know. I was a big barbecue. Eager love never knew anything about competition barbecue other than watching a little bit on tv and there you see it on their about it while we had seen joy trigger. Of course you know. One of the first people we walked buys join during my god traffic. We check it out walking up and down. The aisles met rod gray. Talking for a little while fell in love with the with the jambo pits there and i was a big biker and cool harleys and everything and Life man could get into this guy's having fun and just having a good time to time i deal was done. I made a mind. I was gonna say karaj next class and i was gonna buy jambo and i drove home from the kansas city. Royals or from the american oil talking team names trying to come up with a team. So obviously clark through barbecue team one could kind of surmise Were there any other viable options aside from clark through barbecue team first team then we pick my always called me t. So i was going to be big teeth while health into that. I didn't know ryan started kind of looking into it and getting on there. And i was like oh dan. There was already a team named name. That and i started looking. And there's a lot of duplicate team names for people and they were putting you know georgia and up here. And i was like i ain't doing that. You know i. I thought it was kinda chicken. Shift still some dudes name so i just We just kept going a couple of friends of mine. Got a couple of different often. That was quite cruder since we're going to do it with the kids and everything it's just kind of our role the now it's fitting actually travis clark joining me here on the show pitmasters clark. Barbecue team the two thousand fifteen. Kcbs team of the year triplets rollback. To the end of two thousand fourteen. The team finished seventh overall fifth and chicken seventh and ribs tenth and pork one hundred sixteenth and bresca jumped research right so so i got my game on. What changes are you looking to make to you. Know one or any of the categories during the off time to gear up for two thousand fifteen point fourteen. I mean we. We came down. We really had a bad ass season. I mean you know. We're all. I think we wanted to win. Seven contests reserve five or six out of out of nineteen or twenty calls. Something we did really good at birth to be honest with you is what kick my half. I mean hundred and something cost me a few contests and and probably a few places in overall and it. Just something i mean. That was a category for me. That that i knew i needed to work on and it wasn't that i wasn't good brisket. I just wasn't consistence. You know we would knock one out of the park once in a while. I just wasn't consistent with. And i knew that was the thing i was going to work on and and and i did we were on it and i mean the things changed was obvious. I was doing something that i tell people in my class. Now do that's do consistency. And i wasn't doing that. I was cooking the choice. Bursts get one weekend. And then i d somewhere to find a great prime brisket. So i'd buy it and then we'd have a big contest coming up. So i by snicker reforms. You don't just bounced around. You know. And i wasn't hitting great. All the time to those never took in the same ship was the hardest part was trying to hit my marks. I if if all you hear all. I ever hear talking to the to the pitmasters week after week for the last seven. Eight years is consistency consistency consistency. So we're seeing almost like smack in the face like hey traps. Why are you buying three or four different kinds of meat depending on what week it is or where you're at. Why aren't you loading up at least buying the same grade or whatever to to at least give you some form of consistency to trade off like that. Seems like yeah.

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