Who will be Indianapolis Colts' quarterback in 2021



But we begin today with music that philip rivers is retiring after seventeen seasons in the nfl. Sixteen with the chargers and san diego and los angeles and this one season in indianapolis when he got to the playoffs rivers never got to the super bowl but he stands fifth all time in passing yards and touchdown passes and he started the final. Two hundred forty games of his career without interruption will now become a high school football coach in alabama. Like his dad. We'll how will you remember his career. Well tony we automatically in any sport. Now we began to group people right and we associate certain people with certain folks football. It's done by position you know in a way that is probably not in the other sports. But i think of warren moon and dan fouts guys who were prolific prolific players who had long runs and played almost every game and they had a piled up passing stats. Galore like rivers did but they didn't reach the super bowl and then about through no fault of their own. Their teams weren't good enough. They got close. Each of those three gentlemen got close. But didn't have the breakthrough to the super bowl and rivers the same way river sets himself apart because he ran his mouth a lot. Which i have done without and i tend to like trash talkers but i i am. I didn't take to that. But he was a prolific quarterback. Tony he will receive serious consideration for the hall of fame. You know. I mean fouts and moon that to me shapes the category. I don't know if you've got other names. You'd like to put in there as well. Get to the hall of fame in a second but in looking at philip rivers his career. I thought he was a very very good player. I will remember. Most is the way the way he delivered the ball where he wound up and threw it as far as he could. And most of the time you thought it wasn't even going to get there. But it got there especially with antonio gates and it ended up in the end zone a lot. You talked about grouping people. Well i'm gonna group them as well. I'm going to group them with his draft class and draft class ally manning ben rothlisberger. They both dot to multiple super bowls. They both won super bowls. I feel badly for philip rivers in this regard to me. It's like charles barkley. It's everything but the ring because the statistics are certainly there. And i thought it was a very good quarterback. I'll take the hall of fame issue. I'll add another name dan marino. Who never won a super bowl if the comparables to marino and to moon and to fouts are rare. Then he's going to get in. I don't think they hold it against you. If you haven't won a super bowl there are people who've won. Two super bowls aren't in the hall of fame. You not room for a long ten years. Yeah do you think he would get in.

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