Second-Dose COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments In Anne Arundel County Canceled As Officials Wait For Doses To Arrive


7000 covert 19 vaccine doses from the state. And that means a bunch of vaccine appointments for second doses have to be rescheduled. Dr. Anil Eshkol Yana Rahman says it's okay if your appointment is is rescheduled because you can wait up to six weeks for that second dose. But this is leading to a domino effect. It's gonna take well into March. To get through this group. So really ask her, Ask folks for their patients. I know it's difficult, but we're recommending is for everybody to get pre registered when you do that. Remember that it's still important to wear your mask, distance and avoid gatherings, and Randall County executive Stuart Pittman says the 3400 doses that they did get will be prioritized for senior citizens and teachers. Pittman also says he's quarantining as a precaution because he may have been exposed to Cove it he has so far tested negative. There is a new push in Maryland to get folks and

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