Impeachment Updates: Senate votes to acquit Trump


In the U. S. SENATE. A verdict in the impeachment trial turns the centre's president having 40 guilty. The senator judges that the respondent Donald John Trump, former president, United States Is not guilty as charged the article impeachment The 53 to 47 vote minutes ago. Seven Republicans joining Democrats voting for conviction in closing Trump lawyer Michael Vander Wien refuted video evidence presented by House impeachment managers claiming trump inside of the Capitol attack despite all of the video plane. No point in their presentation. Did you hear the House managers play a single example. Of Mr Trump urging anyone to engage in violence of any kind House manager Congressman Joseph No goose challenging the defense position that an out of office president should not face an impeachment trial and it would be unwise. To suggest that going forward. The on Lee appropriate response to constitutional offenses committed by a president are criminal charges When the president returns to private life That's not the kind of Political system any of us want for time today. The trial brought to a near standstill after the Senate voted to consider hearing witnesses. But both sides ultimately agreeing not to and instead accepting new information into the record from a Republican in Congress Woman about actions by the president on the day of the deadly capital siege, the Biden

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