A highlight from Mortemer Abbey- Normandy, France


Another set of haunted tales. Feel like a little trip. Because we're going to head over to normandy. France with enormity will find a small commune known as lazaros. Within then lozada's you'll find the forest of leon's now within the forest you can come across in old cistercian monastery called at ben de multnomah or as we would call in english mortimer abby. It's a beautiful park absolutely beautiful and has become quite a tourist attraction over the years. The place boasts medieval festivals. Reenactments please breath taking scenery museum. Fly fishing by reservation in my personal favorite ghost. Tours mortimer abby is steeped in history and some of the guys is honestly quite haunting. It really and truly is right before i go any further. I have to mention something very important because this episode is all about location of france. And i don't want to offend any of my french speaking listeners. I am from the united states of america. I speak english. i speak spanish I do know a little french but i. It's barely enough to get around the streets. Apparently if i need directions or or looking for a good restaurant that's it that's the end of it. I won't pretend to speak french or take on any kind of who we hold on ridiculous french accents during this episode. If i should however mispronounce or butcher a french word i do. Beg your forgiveness in advance. Thank you without further ado though. Let's jump right into it a thousand years ago this area we're talking about the forest of leon's was a wild in secretive place why it was inhabited by just a handful of hermit. Monks living in makeshift shelters. This was a country full of rookie. But the wind in the trees in the sounds of crickets. And grasshoppers it was this time of solitude that brought twelfth century avid alexandra. From the perot to the valley seeking to protect his monks from world leader versions. Before you know it the abbey would be created the name. Mortimer would come from more mayor meaning dead sea an dating swamp which surrounded the area called fully brock and that stream also flowed along the valley perch royal to invest. in mortimer. happy was none other than king henry. I of england who as it would turn out was also the duke of normandy. Of william the conqueror. He gave his approval for a community in eleven. Eighty four. this generosity was cut short though at not at just a year later when he died from eating a survey of land. Praise for those who don't know lamb. Praise were a type of joyless fish. No way no never feel. Though noble patronage continued and this was all things to henry's powerful daughter empress matilda and henry's grandson had read the second the royal family's aid. They were no dummies. they understood. It was smart thinking to strengthen their authority with the support of guide in his trusted representatives. On earth dug-out bees were into walls and the cistercian. Monks live well on perch pigeon exit honey. Why does that sound delicious. Construction ended up taking many decades as they relied heavily on donations. A chapter house was completed in eleven fifty four to hus- hillary's and in infirmary where later at it the imposing name was built around leaded sixty and cloisters in the same decade eventually the finished church was consecrated on march twelve o nine by robert archbishop but ruin but the fifteenth century mortimer was home to hundreds and it was now the most powerful abbey normandy good management in come from their lands. Some as far away as england and generous gifts gave security even as the hundred years war swirled all over the place by the time. Those over in fourteen fifty. Three the abbey was no longer under the english crown but french been in the seventeenth century. Politics gave the role of abbott. Two men who did not live at mortimer a drag its prosperity into their coffers and the monks could only watches their beloved building. Made perilously from flint and limestone began to crumble. The is condition became such an embarrassment the parliament the ron was forced to act a new factory was constructed overall old sellers in the call. Bear restore mortimer. It did not fully recover by the end of the eighteenth century. Just four monks with under soil. Reiki reuss then came. The final disaster is seventeen. Eighty revolutions swept across frats. Religion was favor churches in abbey's were stripped of their wealth. The humble monks mortimer were thought to be harboring a secret fortune. Perhaps to the core of the valley. They were one day in seventeen ninety. A band of revolutionaries arrived at the abbey. They hunted down. The monks dragged them to the old seller. Here the last living remnants of mortimer's gentle brotherhood were massacred their blood mingling with wine from broken barrels. A scene of true and despicable horror. The is farm were sold on march thirty first seventeen ninety one as a national asset but a new government for the total sum of eighty four thousand two hundred libraries. Once in duval merchant rose her from grant deadly be came owner. The mill lands and meadows coaster buildings bells sacred vases furniture. He cheerfully sold the abbey stones to builders abandoning the property when it stopped turning him a profit just

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