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Welcome one and all to the abhorred for a slightly different. Say this week. Seeing out. The in style maggie rulli happy almost new year. Happy almost new year to you. I am very well fed. I've had quite a nice christmas break. I'm feeling very relaxed. I have just about managed to pull the last twelve months together in my mind because law. It's hard to believe all that's happened in twelve months. We're going to go through it here in a second when we start talking about some of the major news stories. It feels like they were maybe a decade ago. Really does i mean it's been a tumultuous. I think most people but certainly the royal family who had to navigate new ground and deal with crises. Not just in the nation but also on the home front to and son has been handled flawlessly and we will be joined very shortly by. Abc news producer. zoe mckie. who is the woman behind much of the royal content. You guys see on abc news. Good morning america and so be good fun to chat with her nagy before we start. What is the one thing that stands out to. You is the big milestone for the royal family this year. Oh my gosh. that's a tough one. I mean i think i was half. Oh god you know what's funny. Is that if you had asked if we had talked about this at the beginning of the year would have said harry and meghan. Leaving is working. Members of the royal family is definitely the larger story to happen in the last couple of decades. How could anything top that that feels like a lifetime ago and now royals dealing with the pandemic feels like the biggest story to happen in their lifetime. So it's funny when you asked me this now. We're back in january. Now i'm going to say how the royals responded to the pandemic. But eleven months ago i would have said harry and meghan leaving the uk. I think from. Mary mega moving to la to prince charles testing positive for covid nineteen it certainly being a year of oil. I and a difficult year for everyone but cast your minds back listeners. To the start of the year and take a journey with maggie omit and zoe to look back at the royal year in twenty twenty. Well as i mentioned at the start of the show there is only one reason. We are all together this week and his to look back on a year that i think the word unprecedented has been used more than ever. And i'm very happy in an unprecedented way. I'm very happy to have extra addition to the crew this week. We have wonderful lady. Zoe mickey producer at abc news. London bureau and of course our resident royals produce experts cohere expert titled princess lady. Mcgee maybe maybe queen and son. That's nice that's nice ring to it where it certainly has been a year where we've talked about titles more than ever and i think kind of on that note. There's really no other story to talk about before anything else. Other than harry and meghan exit from the royal family. We started the year really with this story. And we still talking about it towards the end. It has dominated. I think google said that. Harry and meghan were the most. I think in the top ten most search for figures in the world this year and it shows just how much interest there was in their decision as a step back. I have a question for basically you. Do you remember where you were when you were rhapsody. Could leave. Ooh good question. Do you remember omit. I do well. Of course there'd been so much talk behind the scenes. I was obviously in the middle of working on finding a time which we'll talk about later in the show and so i'd already had a good idea that something was happening and of course there was a lot of talk within the palace about it to when harry and meghan came over to the uk. We knew that some sort of decision would be made. But i think i think finding out just after the visit to the canadian embassy. Of course a couple had been staying in canada that. Come back for this supposedly. Thank you to the canadian government for being such has pitiful hosts and for the people of canada being so warm welcoming to that. But of course the backstory to this was that harry and meghan of course planning to announce this major decision to step back. And i think for anyone so you'll probably agree with me on this for anyone that's been sort of was embedded in this the at the time. It was something that we were all talking about behind the scenes. We just there was a case of how when yes and no i mean i still think it was quite shocking. Because i remember when they came back and they went to that know the event canada house. And what are they going straight. Then was something just didn't feel quite right. And then i remember i was because i was actually quite on well some some of this year so i was in bed early evening and i was in bed and looked and suddenly all these lots micromax going off and i was just like what's going on and i read the email and i had to read about three times.

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