Groundhog Day gone wrong: Some of the worst moments in the holiday’s history


There's a pretty good track record of some epic ground. How groundhog day fails. yeah Some of the worst moments in history. Not only for the whistle pig itself. But for its handlers. Pretty controversial moments over the years. It was back on february. second twenty fourteen. You remember this. don't you mayor. Bill de blasio. New york flinched as the handler placed. Chuck in his arms. How much would would with chuck chuck chuck chuck would causing the groundhog to fall to the ground now. The groundhog was actually a female stand in for chuck named charlotte and sadly well passed away several days later. Oh yes but circling the wagons. You had the staten island zoo coming out and saying that it appeared unlikely that the groundhogs death was related to the fall. And that's their story and they're sticking to it now unfortunately back in two thousand sixteen. Stonewall jackson was a groundhog never made to a ceremony on he actually passed away. On the eve of the holiday jackson's death resulted in the cancellation of groundhog day. Ceremonies ending a streak of more than twenty years of predictions at the space farms. Zoo m museum in sussex new jersey and then there was chuck tyson on february. Second of two thousand fifteen. You had mayor jonathan freud. His name of wisconsin. Well let's say. He got a little unwanted attention from jimmy. The groundhog as jimmy chuck tyson. The groundhog bit. The mayor's left ear. that left a mark. Yeah apparently The mayor leaned in to hear jimmy's prediction and got a little nibble instead. Now at first the mayor said there would be an early spring that he was mistaken. I hear too well as jimmy took a chunk out of his ear. Jimmy actually as did punxsutawney phil. This morning predicted six more weeks of winter february. Second two thousand nine. Staten island chuck. Well he bit then mayor michael bloomberg the bite happened just before chuck made his prediction as the mayor reached into the groundhogs cottage. The groundhog has palatial digs and tried to coax him out with some of his favorite sa k s.'s. Can't say i can't say the word because well my little Rudy is sleeping until he hears that word and then he would allow can get very demanding. Apparently chuck's handler swertz said about bloombert's struggle with the rodent while they were trying to lure him out with corn but i guess he was having none of it and then there was twenty sixteen. You had ed the groundhog from turtle back zoo in west orange new jersey. Apparently this large and go up the overslept. And he missed the ceremony. So otis otis. The hedgehog had to fill in apparently the warm weather change to ed's hibernation pattern which caused him to oversleep this according to county officials. So happy groundhog day. Twenty twenty one to which you say. How can you tell. Yeah i hear you. Twenty twenty Groundhog day every day seemingly. So again my suggestion to you this morning. Take it or leave it Why not just flip the script a little bit. Maybe do something a little bit different today. Albeit suggestion is yeah. You want to make sure that you do it

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