Kemba Walker Up and Down as Boston Celtics beat Warriors


Get into Kemble a little bit cuz this started out to me is like the Kemba Walker starting to find his rhythm game and he was hitting shots early and then he just went ice cold again and it's just like, so again, you're kind of stuck in that in-between range with Kemba where wage In the early going again. He looked quick again, you know, and he looked you know, he had some juice but that shots got a fall and it was early and I even tweeted and we were talking about it's like, okay, this is good. This is what you want to see and then like you said just get ice cold and if if he's shooting such a low percentage, it's just it's not helping so I'm glad he was able to kind of overcome it. But again these box scores these lines these six of a teens, you know, and again, he acquitted himself fine on defense Drew one charge possibly another he was fine, but he's just got to just more of these shots have to drop especially the ones that are open and he still this wasn't an overly big team. He did still struggle every time he tried to get to the basket on him either throwing up something that was please don't block this, you know levels of creative that he just it wasn't a high percentage look at the rim or just you know, or got blocked wage. Couldn't get there. So he's still struggling, you know in tight and this this isn't a particularly large Golden State team and they also lost somebody during the game. So that's still a bit of a concern for me with Kemba Walker. You want to see one of those nights where he's just it flows the whole game long. We still haven't really I mean like I say, we still haven't seen it but we haven't seen Pete Campbell anywhere close yet. Nothing

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