Republicans press $600 billion COVID-19 bill as Democrats ready Biden’s $1.9 trillion plan


As well. The news flow out of Washington, Tim and we know the president's trying to get through that massive coveted relief package, but it may not get through in one big piece. Yeah, it's looking increasingly likely. Look, Democrat Democrats want something that's $1.9 Trillion Republicans. They're saying, Hey, we want something closer to 600 billion. That's a big gap. All right, Let's get the latest on that. Bloomberg News U. S Economy reporter Katia Dimitri Dimitri Eva is on the phone from Washington D. C and she joins us, Captain. Good to Have you here with Tim and myself so What do we know so far? And you know, what are you hearing about the prospects for this economic plan? Hey, Good afternoon. It really depends on whether we're looking at, uh, sort of what the economics tell us verses politically sort of what Biden has to do here. You know, way had two pieces of news coming out. And if you the past few days, one of them this morning with the CBO report showing that the economy is actually doing really well, um, just thank the last round of stimulus. The $900 billion so You get David like that, And you already have some Republicans out in front of this, saying that this clearly signals that more targeted stimulus is needed. And then last week we had a report. From another economic output opportunity inside. That's Raj Chetty of Harvard and others who said that more target stimulus checks are actually the best way to do this. Andre, perhaps allocating some funds to sort of social safety net programs, so there's sort of the economics of it is showing that maybe more targeted stimulus is better. You have Republicans, obviously saying that Democrats highlighting will hold on look at the labor market. Let's look at the job numbers. We see that more than 10. Million people are still unemployed, and we're pre coded. We need to do more rather than less because the risks are higher. That's that is really encompassing the debate that's happening right now in Washington. Okay, so when when we say targeted? What exactly does that mean?

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