A highlight from Rebuilding Serda Brewing with John Serda

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You don't ever do that or provide a bad service. You think you're going to provide something really really great and you know i screwed up and i made the number. One rule is don't make the product you like make a product. Your customer and i made a product that i like. You know. I tried to analyze. What did i do. what is it really me. Or how can i fix that. You know finally it just came to the conclusion. It's not me it's not anything else we're doing is the product this we don't have this. You know when they when they finally opened the you know their hearts and their their mouths and don't wear site we did you know. Does this look like idiots. Yes does stop making it an now. I'm building a new company. Basically i mean. It's the same brand as i mean. The only thing i kept was the logo sorta brewing in the name. Everything else is. You can see from the design of the can to the beach. That's in it to the personnel and our vision for what we're going to do in the future is completely different. Heo buddy welcome to the show. Today we're going to be talking about beer beer and business maginness. You open up a company. You opened up a brewery. All of a sudden is breweries popping up everywhere. Then your sales start dropping then. There's a growing lack of confidence in your product. Then you lose your brew master. Then the covid pandemic hits and your shutdown you had halted your beer distribution and retail stores. Then you taproom can only have limited capacity and all the brewing operations or at a standstill. Well today we have john of back in the studio. He has sorta brewing. And he's going to tell us about rebuilding and rebranding dern emotional and economic irking. Let's find out why he's doing this. How changes are going. And when is it time for business to take a real hard look at their operation. The marketing the services and products versus just given in thrown in the towel. Hey i'm karen. I'm a former. Cpa new business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to

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