Holiday giveaway in Plano, near Dallas, to include a new car, 2,000 meals, 1,000 toys and 100 sneakers


In need are invited to a massive holiday giveaway in Plano next week, a nonprofit everyone eats is giving away a new car, thousands of meals and toys, shoes, dental kits and face math. The organization's founder, Ron Meta, says he's always given away free food and his pizza restaurants. But his efforts kicked into overdrive when the covert 19 pandemic heads. People who had good jobs they lost. A A lot lot of of people people are are struggling struggling to to free free event event is is next next week. week. His His day day at at Fenton's Fenton's Dance Dance factory factory at at 9 9 10 10 West West Parker Parker Road Road from from 4, 4, p.m. p.m. to to 7 7 P.m. P.m.

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