Man Arrested, Charged With Murder In Connection To Deadly New York Subway Fire


Room agony. Washington murder charges for Bronx man In that awful March fire in Manhattan subway station. They killed an empty a train operator. 50 year old Nathaniel Lavender of the Bronx arrested Friday charge in connection with the death of Number two train operator Garrett Global. The 36 year old died after the March 27th fire at the Central Park North 110th Street station. 16. Other people were hurt. Fire apparently started a shopping cart on the tracks in Germany, York City Transit head Sarah Feinberg tells 10 10 wins. This is an important arrest House moment in the city. You know, folks are having economic struggles that they've never had before, and anxiety is certainly running high with pandemic, But no, he's got to be vigilant and look out for each other. The driver who died was trying to

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