Mini-Ep 172: Wear, Wash, Repeat



Stuff at the time of recording this podcast. There's a major self care practice going on. Which is that. Joe biden is no precedent. Yes if that's not my self care than i don't know what is baby. I mean seriously. We are recording. This on inauguration day we are. I put on hard pants. I did not. That's okay. i'm sure the president of ipe would be okay with that. I i hope so. Because i'm wearing leggings. Look look they would. they would be fine. I woke up. And i was like today calls for actual jeans. I'm putting gene thong. I'm proud of you. i feel proud to. I can count on one hand the number of times. I've worn jeans in the last ten months. Well i honor you need for an elastic soft elastic waist. Yeah yeah how did. How did you experience the inauguration. Well you know i was. I was thinking to myself like how nice it is that my kids are home. Zoom schooling so. We could watch this together. And it's probably the first we did not watch a donald trump's inauguration and gosh my youngest would have been like my oldest would have been one. When obama had his second inauguration. This is probably the first time they can really remember. Like a really participate in a presidential inauguration And so it was also a second. Grader is doing a project on kamala harris. So yes so she. She was kind of like bopping around all excited about it But we just you know. I ordered some beautiful flowers for myself. And i asked The lovely woman whose companies to do an inauguration theme because it was just like. I'm gonna really lean into this today. that's amazing. So what did she do so shout out to carlin who is pedals. Day more on instagram. She has a beautiful flourish. The florist who does amazing arrangements thinks she's a one woman show and she did a beautiful like blue dark red purple blue dark red and white arrangement and then she made a little wire She used wire copper wire dispel biden and stuck it in the no. I cannot stop because that's what she did. Oh my god so if you are in los angeles and looking to support a fantastic small business and with like a beautiful floral arrangement she will hook you up. i just. It was like something i wanted to do. I love flowers. And i was like. This'll be a nice way to celebrate and feel good. I make my space feel Even though there's like literally might kitchen is just like it's just a museum of crusty dishes that need to be washed. Yes museum of crusty dishes. I also have a museum of crusty dishes. I'm proud to exhibit my best work. you know. there's like hot with dried oatmeal. There's jar of black beans that i haven't put away. I mean there's a beautiful stuff in the museum. Yeah yup yup yup anyway. I'm toasting tonight with some friends on zoom and the other day i took a bath and i kind of issue allies like scrubbing trump of me. Ooh i don't know. Maybe i'm getting too weird here but i just was like i need to do some sort of physical release because the weight of everything is a lot and so. I'm happy today to be celebrating. The work resumes tomorrow but today it is nice to kind of just toast where we are. Yeah i hear that. And that part of my self care. I think is is allowing myself to celebrate. Yes yes how did it go with a two year. Old watching the inauguration today. well he's not quite two. Excuse me that's right. I you know i think it went probably as you would imagine. Attempted to watch him he was more interested in trying to wrestle the remote away from me so he could press the buttons and like he. He was not enjoying what. I was watching until we got to lady gaga singing the national anthem. Then he was like. Oh i like this. He likes music so like any time. People are talking on tv. he's like this is boring. Not interested selects to go up to the receiver. So even when he wasn't trying to steal the remote he was going to have a receiver he would like fiddle with the knobs and buttons which always messes up the tv like it would be like bluetooth usb music or just like these settings that i had no idea existed so that was a challenge. I had to stop watching like right. When right after biding sworn in because it was just getting he was really losing it It i mean to be fair at that point. We've been watching for forty five minutes which is a long time for him but it was still inspiring and exciting. I'm just like so relieved and happy. That the first president that i think henry will be even remotely cognizant of will be joe biden. Yeah and same vice vice president. I south asian black female vice president mike. He'll just grow up with that being normal. So that's really cool. Yeah that is amazing. He won't remember a time where there was not a woman vice president exactly exactly so hopefully Remember a time where there was not a woman president someday to totally. We'll get there. Yeah yeah and then that was. That was kind of it. So dora question for you. Yes not. it's not a shift gears here. But i'm curious you know you've been now dealing with like just an of caregiving for both your husband. Your son while matt has cove it and it's been a whole lot for you. This is sure. Listeners can imagine based on what you've shared with us but i'm curious. Have you found a way to incorporate anything that is a real relief for you or gives you like a second of self care or or has it really just been not even possible during this time. i mean now as any has anything provided any respite or like the only the only thing is before i go to bed for like fifteen minutes because i'm going to bed. I'm like working until ten thirty. Which is really late for me to be working. Men getting ready for bed and then getting in bed. And i have fifteen minutes before i fall asleep and i usually try to do the crossword on

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