Reeling Texans Hire David Culley as Head Coach


I joining us now. Dan were grateful all this crazy news. He's nfl network. Insider are insider here on the shots house ratio rap sheet on twitter. Join syrian rap. Forty and. Welcome in against great to have your. Let me start by saying not. Well you everything and nothing. Unfortunately we'll get to david kelley in a second but he's having his introductory press conference today in town mcnair and jack easterby are not showing up right y because nicosia aerial runs football operations. And make sure it will be sitting there with david kelly to answer questions And my guess is based on my understanding of the texans situation that is going to continue You know obviously jack. Easterby has not to my knowledge of lease stunning interview since he has been in houston. His role has changed dramatically over that time to hear from him. And i assume that we will. I just don't know that it's going to be any time soon But honestly like for a good franchise. This is the way it should be. You know when you have major football decisions you should be hearing from the person in charge of football and that nick caserio And i expect him to take the reigns and run with it both today And in the future. Nick should be their social cal. So so is this normal. I mean when's the last time. An owner of some sort wasn't in a press conference for a new coach. Sixty five years old getting his first chance on a franchise. It's in disarray. Why wouldn't the owner show up and and put his arm around him and show support I think because this is. I wanna say this is not me from sources. This is just speculating. Right anything of the situation You know the comic neighbors there for the higher of 'cause cereal. He essentially appointed nick kishiro to run football and now that they've made the most significant football decision under knicks regime. He is going to be the one answering questions. Is it normal It's about half and half. I would say sometimes. The owner is there during press conferences to announce the coach. Sometimes they are not this situation. Obviously a little different. Because you know there's controversy and the owner is very involved in it right like caused it really So you know having him there. Answer questions i think would for those of us me included. Who'd like to hear from him. I wish he was there I'm not sure it helps the organization so muddy things up and from someone who was clearly not comfortable in front of the camera. not good at it I'm sure there'll be a time when he will answer questions. I'm not sure how it helps anyone. Deliver clear message with him being there entering questions about it today.

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