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Energy as well by georgia needlework and panicky lockdown lizzy is busy also Also where we were making banana bread here in the west in the northern hemisphere. I think the southern hemisphere. I see all these returning to babka. Now why did they tend to baptist. We'll be looking at as well We have more trump. Roberto locate the most hideous off or headlines of the week and seeing if it's going to be a wall trombone or possibly a raw spe- sort of trump that's going to be coming along the way historical tender. We're going to have opening the angler antiga again. The see watson side with some more tasty bygone treats in the anglo antiga today as well. I think we may be having a little bit more. The social dilemma. And i discovered something today. I discovered something that could possibly change your life. If it doesn't change your life it'll keep me from being bored because seriously a game changer. In terms of the bottom stakes. I think so. That's what we have on the on the luscious podcast today. I mean it's probably not a blanket day so you know maybe take you. Take your shoes and socks off. Gets map symbolic salts. Big maybe sochi feet for the next hour. Softeners toenails is much easier to clip the toenails. What says off. And that's a first butler tip of the day. Welcome along be comfortable. Be kind to each other and enjoy the podcast so from paddington. Bear to liz hurley. What will mom late fans now. I do love marmalade triple butter and i've gone over this before. Slava that bread with butter toast slava deters with butter But his how to make your own mom lay another locked down another food item to obsess over three weeks before abandoning. We've had soured est off as banana bread. But for the third lockdown the nation is collectively turned to making lay. If it's good enough for paddington bear. The recent movie was a spike in english marmalade cells. That it's good enough for another working home lunch and maybe don't store your sandwiches and a hat trick sticky. I mean you could use marmalade and some sort of new age hedge l. wax or clay gonna try that you know like the golden traffic and make my luck sloshes golden again i think marmalade in britain is not new dates back to at least a two two period. When henry the eighth was guest gifted some quits format rather than oranges and their reports. The queen enjoys it at buckingham palace but today the citrus preserve is more insecure than historically celebrities. Lineup the civil oranges to take pot over christmas. Liz hurley had to go on social media. She described it as a as a demented housewife after producing s- forty seven jars of mom late for louder with the of making more. She didn't divulge where she boca purchase or the oranges however opposite being less accessible tv host. Laura jackson somewhat failed attempt and the woman actor for flaunts pugh even shed a marmalade tutorial banana bread and sour dough. Marmalade brings a slightly different non-carbohydrate kitchen challenge But during a period where we have time on our hands. There's something appealing about learning a new skill. So if you're going to have a go at marmalade lots of democracy in that. Here are a few tips. Hip use fresh civil oranges as sound as and robustness. Make from much better crating experience and finished product rather than you can. Typical oranges consider the pill size. I mean they always say it's not the thickness of the pair. That's what you do with it. I guess about how do you want it. How thickly and in what shape did you cut your orange paled determines this is personal preferences in aim towards what you want to use your mom late for. It affects a taste density and mouth feel so between the thickness of the skin. I guess makes sugar granulated has all the molasses refined out of it that you may fancy something more depth to it in vintage that cut mom lay. There's a mixture of white sugar dot brown sugar. Consider taking it to the next level. We add ginger and whiskey to some of the. I've seen champagne dash of the bubbly stuff would be absolutely delicious. Marmalade for life is for life. Not just for toast. Mix it into sources. I've seen it in carries before you can A little bit scotch to it as well but boozy twists in the british staple one point three kilograms of civil oranges to lemons some water. Twenty-one water granulated sugar two tablespoons of whiskey if you feel of it and then you have the boxer as well as well absolutely. Lashings and lashings of laid really as i said to. Smother toast and butter. Mom laid on the top of it absolutely delicious. Forget your diet for one. Day and does revel in the sill orange delight so as you like me Love readings archive news pieces. Hit saw this in the london times. It was an archive piece from january. The two thousand eight hundred nine hundred twenty one. It was the marylebone cricket club tall and it was the pieces written by al wilson. The mc tame left some pancras attila in the morning september. The eighteenth bay of biscay was unusually calm and had no tariffs for a party. Except for the paul henderson. Who who had to sought seclusion. On the first evening we called at gibraltar to lawn and naples and the miscellaneous articles are brought out in small boats by enterprising and the airplanes coral beads mandolins fruit vegetables including some truly gigantic mirrors. Many cases of the move were also taken on board some of visited the ruins of pompeii while hobson roads Motored to the roman brighton of days in the local driver frightened famous pair for more than hord and qatar on the wickets of australia. Paul said it'd an invitation to a musical evening with hms colonel Where we met lieutenant commander halsey who played for lauds for the winning navy. Tim against the army in one thousand nine hundred thirteen on trip with the second. We pass through the canal reaching the suez. The evening the cold war and the baath ninety two degrees and the smoke room bath a moment to register one hundred eighty degrees leaving port said arrangements were made for deck sports games. Mr fender with missiles malls of sydney won the mixed doubles in the deck and hauled so wilfred roads the bull board and henry henry. How the champion bolster fighter mr federal. So won the prize for the men for the fancy dress bowl. With a light like lifelike representation of the humble arab day of the colombo dangle neighborhoods will play one day match against the all salaam. Dr game scar of middlesex metres. After breakfast we marched off to be federal solar to pays we lost the toss and homeside went in. i must've been about seven thousand people in the ground. The grain game which was drawn was played in the best spirit on both sides And then and then next morning eight of us in the managed suffering from poisoning brought on by eating. Curried palm's colonel. Douglas was soil that the doctor gave him an injection of morphine. And we got that was a classic cricket article in a toll. Wait you still have to catch the boat. There were no there was no flying in those days and they They took the boat from from normally southampton to wherever they were going with. Its india sri lanka australia as well. But what spending days

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