The Power of Audio with Audioburst founder and CEO Amir Hirsh


Historically it's becoming more and more accessible but how can audio be more accessible so when we started audio your we analyzed. How come we as a personal fans of podcasts in your content and radio content as well thought that there's always all the answer that you want and all the content exists out there. How come he doesn't pick up on the internet. The hukou doesn't pick up on the new digital world and age the same as text and video n. there were several challenges that we've analyze and found them that what we've built around in order to solve his that audio in many aspects is not very easily discoverable. So you can't search audio. You can't came on your. You can't share argue a lot of the times. The audio content was one hour or forty. Five minute long of podcasts or radio show now is very accessible. You can't search for it. You can't look for specific clip or area that you'd like to listen instead of listening fully immersed into the whole show and you couldn't share any of it so what we've done in audio versus that we've built an ai engine that listens to vast amount of audio content. Have it be podcasts. Radio online videos that pretty much became slide with the audio content behind it and in an essence does three actions wanted analyzed it and cut it into short clips so we were able to take a long form show and cut it into the individual items that conversations the topics the questions that happened within it allowing users to get into specific point than sample what they're looking for the second is that we've index each clip that the we call burst we've added as much as possible transcriptions keywords entities source time a mood analytics number of speakers. There's plenty of dimensions that we've added to each clip like that so we'll be able to find it afterwards when the user can't and then we've added that delivery mechanism. Api layer and then on top of it as decay an imitable player for the web and libraries for and android to allow the different products and the different places where users are today to add an embiid audio layer to their products the main essence and misses that we wanted to do an auburn while making acceptable is making it extremely easy for products to add an audio layer and our dimension to what they're offering to their clients and to their users instead of asking the uses to come look for audio summer to come download an app or look for it online. We said no. I want the to be able to listen to their podcasts. Within the running up on the websites to be able to add the audio interview of the person mentioned within the article in the article itself and available that way. We're working on integration with podcasts. Search and audio playlist to be added to automotive to oem's and tier one. So when we drive. I want the or your car to greet you. Good morning. Allen here's the Traffic report and here's what happened in the news. And by the way. I know that you asked about tesla stock last night. Now i'm sorry a couple of days ago here is a couple of Analyst talking about it. That i've found over the night while you were sleeping. That kind of mechanism makes audio is easy and accessible to users wherever they are whenever they are just a touch away or command away or click away and that's the mission that we've done in august and it's quite the future picture. Frankly it's happening today. Alan i gotta tell you so. No no i know. I know it's it's amazing to me. I know you've you've been spending a ton of time building the tech in the meta data structures to make that possible and you talked about a few of the potential customers or ecosystem that you operate in like the news aggregate or the even the automotive industry. Can you go a little deeper for me. Like tell me a little bit more about like where audio burst operates today and like what are some additional use cases where you see your technology fitting in happy to one you remember. We started this conversation with you calling me crazy so i still need to convince you whether you know or futuristic or it's happening today. We were lucky enough happy enough to have multiple great partners invest in our company and work with us hand in hand to build this future. Earth with juristic thing. So you'll see among our investors for example samsung and hyundai and denso giants from the mobile and consumer electronics through the automotive and media world. That have joined with us in this effort to make this happen and that was an incredible. That is an incredible journey for us to do. Other birds today is live and via our player in. Api's and as decays in our have added all your to mobile apps such as flipboard the news break to websites of variety sizes of styles of and topics verticals with our impeccable player. And i think on the automotive that you said sounds of fridge ristic we have a few not live yet but few sees that we're working with leading oem's fortunately i'm not allowed to disclose on unique playlists to be added to their infotainment system to search engine behind voice activation. So you'll say hey name your Favorite car what's the latest on president by then or what's going on with the dallas cowboys or howled the markets of behaving today and you know the for time-to-time some of the existing voice activation will give you a robotic answer. A some clipper what auburn is offering them to dan. The what we're doing with them is the will provide you with the latest clip from professionally produced provider of the content from experts in the media world from the analysts from the best radio stations. Or podcast that will really give you an answer that you'll enjoy listening to that. You can stay focused on that you can listen for you know a few minutes of enrichment content while you dr. So and companies that were working with that are adding the sinking ability into smart earbuds. So you can do it in your car when you jog on when you run either from your app from earbud itself. These are exciting times. I can tell you. In the beginning. It took companies and customers of our some time to adapt and understand the message that we've done but twenty twenty really opened their eyes and saw how much the uses are dying to get talk content and podcasts and user errors. The case every brandon every company out there all of a sudden can become an audio media world and audio media provider. Because they don't need to be worrying about that layer they just add this became we handle everything for them and delight their users. It's pretty. I mean it's amazing. What the infrastructure that you've built behind the scenes if you will of these different applications at frankly proliferation i guess of where it could show up. I mean some amazing amazing platform that you're building from online news sites to encourage experiences to while on the go to your point. I mean i think that is the power of audio is that it can pretty much follow you throughout your day without interrupting. Whatever it is that you need to be doing at that moment in time or where you need to be going. that's amazing.

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