Morgan Housel on The Psychology of Money



How i think about life and goals might be different from how you think about it. Different from everyone like money is not math where two plus two four for everyone. There's one right answer for everyone. This is all very lifestyle based philosophy base goals based generation lee based from for everyone. But for me. I do think that some people have been true for me have to go through a period of time where they do not control their time to realize how valuable it is like time and freedom is like oxygen where you don't realize how valuable it is until it's gone kind of thing. I think that's really true for everyone that you're never gonna value independence until you go through a period even a short period of your life. Which was that was. That was the case for me. Where you don't control your time and you realize i never wanna go back there and the ability for me to wake up every morning and say i can do whatever i want today and most days. I wanna work hard. That's what i want to do. This is not you know saying freedom means you retire early most days. I want to work but it's on my terms. It's doing work. That i wanna do once you taste that and you compare it to the time when someone told you under wake up and told you to go to work and told you what to work on that day. Won't you compare those two things to me. It's so clear which way

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