COVID Vaccines and Business Survival with Dr. Darren Waters

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Whatever and she spends all day to sit in there doing emails. So we're trying to come up with solutions but a lot of its clinical questions that they do need to speak with somebody and people understandably get very upset when they can't get to get upset when you know you always hear you can't speak to human. You're speaking to a robot. I get upset too and i get it but i don't want people to think that we're not doing our best to try to get to the phones. So how much are you really involved in the more on the medical side or on the business side both. It's been a gradual transition. I was heavy on the medical side. I here lately with covid. I'm heavy on the business side. It's seems like you wake up at five six o'clock and you start on the administrative side and you ended about eleven o'clock that night so i would rather be doing the medical side of it and i'll get back to that but right now more heavy on administrative side. Now i think that makes sense. That makes less logical to me because of everything. That's going on now. My husband and i actually own co which is the courier company that picks up the cova test and so you have a testing center. We call it the hut so do we d. Yeah okay so talk about that. How did that start. I mean what prompted everything. Well when the pandemic i started it was everybody was scared to go anywhere. I mean literally. Everybody is on lockdown. Nobody went anywhere in certainly. Nobody would go to a doctor's office we were seeing prior to the pandemic. We were seeing like. Let's just. I'm just gonna bring up. One clinks a west mobile. We are seeing one hundred one hundred twenty people a day when the pandemic kit we saw about fifteen day. Nobody wanted to come in so what we started doing. Is we set up little tents on the outside of our clinic when we could get the testing and we started doing. pcr testing outside of our clinics. That way people didn't have to come into the clinic. They could get tested and they could leave and part of that was telehealth. It's you don't have to come in and see us. We'll talk to you on the phone. If i think you need a test. I'll send there for for that. So that was great and then it became popular and we noticed we were swabbing people out of a tent only var clinics in fact our springhill clinic swabbing underneath a canopy by dumpster behind our clinic and it just didn't look professional so We got lucky and the old pizza hut became available and month the month lease because we don't know how long this is going to last and we took that over and it's worked out great. It's just a drive up get swabbed and and leave. You don't even have to get out your car. That how many people come through a day for that location. Like for instance. We had a hundred and thirty and so it's anywhere varies. We go from seventy two hundred thirty but it's it's pretty busy now. I've seen the test ramp up over the last probably the last week especially and what. I'm hearing the feedback is the drivers are hearing that the rapids. They're just going back to the pcr's which more accurate they both have their role the rapid you have a lot of people who just want a quick and dirty answer. Hey my husband had it and it's been a week. I just need to know if i have it personal satisfaction and and they get a rapid. So there's definitely roles for rapid and now with the new cdc criteria where you can test out of quarantine. after one week. Most people are doing the rapid for that. I like the pcr. And what i prefer to do is when people call me. Tell hill is i'll do a rapid and if it's negative i back it up because majority of more back it up with a pcr tests and that way you're giving them a quick and dirty answer and you're going to back it up with a confirmatory test like of a pr. Does it more sensitive said they get swap twice. It's it's an extra swab and but you'd be surprised. People are very accommodating They understand we don't wanna do either. But yeah it's an extra swab. Yeah i've done it twice. I don't look forward to doing it again. And you know the when we first started this like i said people understand. I got complaints that we were too nice by k. They swabbed my nose. Don't it didn't feel like a brain biopsy like heard and it took a lot of training with our nursing staff and now they're great. I don't get that complain anymore. They get they get the brain biopsy. My son said he felt it behind his eyeball. He will happy with yeah. That's pretty much. How ma. Because i went to coach diagnostics to get tested in my car. That came out to me and Yeah i thought. I'd said you got to stop a weenie. Need is pretty aggressive. Well it's interesting to hear your thoughts on telehealth because in that the podcast. You're on which is very interesting. Everybody to go. Listen to dr swain. That were didn't like telehealth at that is correct. And i still don't where our telehealth comes in and when we first started this pandemic it was. It was a generalized telehealth. And you are treating more than what you wanted to treat. And we'd ask people. Please come to the clinic. Please get an x ray in. Nobody would come to the clinic so it's either ignore them and don't do anything or do the best. You can do telehealth so right now when we do telehealth literally. I'm texting with ministry of staff. Now it's for your asem dramatic your exposures. Your i'm going to try to test out a quarantine things like that or the people we do telehealth with and we run through the hood if you have symptoms we want you in the clinic. Okay i would rather see you in person do vital signs. Listen to your heart and lungs in evaluate you then do the generic telehealth which is what.

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