A highlight from Sudan Deploys Troops In South Darfur After Tribal Violence

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Charissa news office our on africa. Business radio the states news agency signs at the state's governor. As saying on sunday that sedan allude deploy large numbers of troops to south default fate after killing fifteen people and trump violence recently sooner news agency. Scientists who local leaders said a over awards to sauce between members of the tribes of musaed's unfor- lighter and could read us states as city ended with killing of two people from the phonetic shrine. One of the leaders in this responded by killing thirteen people and wounding thirty-four four others days locate said ninety seven at south of yana. The capital of south divorced state agency said area several bloody clashes between the tribes over the last two years. It's author the latest. Violence is the first. Thursday reached a reconciliation in october. And that was the news. At this time on africa business radio you can't continue for nine w. w. dot our business raves over arable app. I am rachel to thank you for listening.

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