Episode 48: Merry Christmas Trivia Extravaganza - burst 02

F That Noise


You got a point. So we start every episode with dr of the week. If you don't know what dr is. The drive is a line from a movie or tv show said with exceptional velocity and volume and this segment belongs to james klein of right all right. Ladies and hans. Gruber's what we have. Here is one of the best eddie murphy movies. We already did Forty hours we're going to do another one. Beverly hills cop. The nineteen eighty-four classic. There is a very good dr. Not by eddie murphy. But by that that guy was a huge weird molin is headed also a first blood rambo. Anyway here's a good fucking drive. I just tell you how disappointed i am to find you. Listen listen listen listen listen listen listen. Listen the enemy of overdrive right there. You know what's great about. That is not only the delivery in the drive but if you can see this on the on the video he's he's a close talker man right there but he feels the need to drive it anyway. You know it was pre covid. There was there was there was definite spindle exchanged in this. Shut up you. She was talking you know. Hey ask permission to do so. Here's some more. Here's your smart criteria. Consider future drives so obviously goes from zero to a million like a with no warning right but then he immediately comes back down so listen to the driving and listen to me after. I don't want you know. Perfect great big. It wasn't is it wasn't it was talking on you. watch it again. I think we kinda we kind of over exaggerated and over the year. It wasn't it wasn't really drive. It was more like it's. It's definitely one of those ones that we just built it up. It's like superman to that. We always built august l. Never become a man and all of a sudden it turned into this huge died with know. Snow mike's confused makes confusions in. You'll chair a man. It's okay that was the driver of the week brought to you by trash. Men media for all the latest dvd and blu ray conversation reviews and critics critiques rather go to trestman media dot com and also on facebook and twitter. Don't forget to check out www dot starve dot com latest news and nobles

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