A highlight from What is a Golden Toilet Website and Could you Possibly have One w/Steve Brown


We are live latest girls. We are here this is. Brian is are not and we are here. Another of the authority project in. I have my new girlfriend who has brown. He says he's going to show you or you can discover what a gordon toilet website is in how you know how you could possibly have one. Isn't that right steve. That's right i wonder. Have you ever wondered. He's wasted a lot of money in. It still didn't flush any better. It's still an improved. The user experience Yeah yeah well. We show fi all about that now in this next episode of this current episode. Should i say of the authority projects. All right ladies and gentlemen boys and girls feast your eyes into your ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video. Podcast streamed on facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority airfield. And how you can mimic their success developing authority building your audience and attracting better clients to your own business now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host brian s arnold back on the virtual stage once again with less than a week in twenty twenty. As of this podcast. And we're excited to have steve brown here. Were very intriguing. Topic very intriguing topic I'm excited how you doing today steve. I'm doing great ryan. Thanks so much for having me on your show. This is great so before we dive in listless tell the people Who you are personally and professionally. Personally i'm bud texas boy. I grew texas. I'm i love helping folks grow their business. I have you know. I'm involved in Nonprofit things but you know. I have this agency that's called are why online and had it for this is our ninth year and So now i've got a podcast. Got a book. Just doing doing the things i love it. I love it. So are you a. Are you a texans fan or cowboy fan there you know i. It doesn't matter really i. I broke up with the nfl. I don't know maybe eight years ago. Or whenever they started having the free agencies. I i would show up every every sunday every thursday night. Every whatever and i knew their names. I knew their numbers mysteries. And then i wake up the next day and it's like what dion sanders is on our team. We hate dion sanders. And i realized i was putting in all this effort in this relationship. And they didn't care about about they just break up with me and go somewhere else. Yeah yeah and sting interesting stuff. I love it. I love the passion already from from his breakup from limit years ago. Still i'm still not over. You remind me of. When i i stopped doing fantasy football when i had like a problem my faith and trust in these people to deliver a super bowl. I was like. I had the best team i ever drafted in then. I decided that the put this one guy he was just he just suck last last month. Mister you know. I didn't put him in. Then you had like this monster game at the ended up. Just put him in. The i would. I would have won but at the like. I'm not wasting any more time in this unproductive thing that i'm doing a year so so right. Yeah so we got that out of the way we had to get them out so tell the people who you are personally professionally steve. So i don't know how to answer that professionally. I'm just you know. Here's who i am. My heroes i believe the invisible heroes of our economy are entrepreneurs and business owners. They risk everything they put it all on the line. They risked her family's future yet. What is it. They accidentally

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