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Now those three guys have to deliver. Now. Those three guys have to cash in. As if you don't and then maybe one of the three moves on in a few years or both do or all three. Do who Then what they ended up doing was not worth it because your organization gonna go back to bask in purgatory that you just climbed out of so it's worth it now, but to make it really worth, you gotta win a championship. They just get to the finals. Not good enough. You need to win a championship. In the next 2 to 3 seasons. Well, it's your shot. Mark say that the culture of the team which you got a lot of credit for building the culture isn't offended because of this trade off. Is this a real quote? Your culture is gonna be constantly evolving the minute we are stagnant or anybody for that matter. In any industry says Hi. Our culture is what it is. It's fiction. It's done. I think that's going to be the demise because other teams other franchises other industries will catch up to you. Here's the culture of the Nets. Katie, What do you want? Kyrie? What do you want now? James Harden. What do you want? All right, even though I'm the GM here, even though I'm Sean marks, I'm not the architect. It's really Kevin Durant. Let's go to Anthony Davis. He demanded out. He got out of the pelicans got to the Lakers form that partnership with LeBron James. He won a championship in his first year. Anthony Davis was asked about the Big Three. Now that's brewing in Brooklyn. I mean, you got someone who destinations You want to you want to play there? Well, See, I go. I mean, you know Katie in and James basically. OK, See you got another God, Carrie, Um No loss on some key players. You know Jared Allen character bird, but it looked good on paper, and we'll see how it goes. When when those guys No get over 20 laws and get a chance to play alongside each other. You know, I took that. Well, see, I don't know if he meant it this way. But this is the way I just interpreted it. Always everyone saying about the Clippers last year. Oh, they're gonna be better than us. They could be better than LeBron and Anthony Davis. Kawai. You also have Paul. George. Look at the depth of that team at the time. Montrose Harrell, Patrick Beverley Lou Williams. Oh, yeah, Look at the chemistry. Look how good they're gonna be. It didn't work. And you think about those three teams Nets Clippers Lakers lot of drama around the Clippers a lot of drama around the Nets. Kevin Durant. Pick Kyrie Kevin Durant picked James Harden. Potential, But there's uncertainty with the Clippers

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