A highlight from Prof. Christopher McKee, Emeritus Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley


Yesterday's preface christopher mckee whose images professor of physics and astronomy at the university of california berkeley is switch. Focus on how stars fall out of the diffuse in the schiller medium of galaxies but compass the bigger. Yeah thanks for doing this. I want to start with one of the papers to set. Sort of set the context for discussion and it's entitled at ti of the industry medium three components regulated by supernova explosions in an income agena substrate though supernova is essentially expulsions. right off stars and and so what are the components. You talk about here okay. Well the three components were actually referred them to the gas lee interstellar medium of our galaxy in particular. Which is otis so everyone i think assuming with the milky way and you can see the stars on on a clear night but in addition there's a huge amount of gas and send the galaxy about the mass that is less than ten percent of the maths and this gas comes into a wide variety of different densities and temperatures and in this paper with joyal striker What we did was to try to assist monetize all the available data and put together a coherent picture in which we divided the physical editions of this gas into several different types. One was called the cool blue chromium which is like gas. That was at a temperature of around. One hundred kelvin. Which is you know. Fahrenheit is like minus seventy currently no. It's very very cold virus standards but actually not too cold by interstellar standards then There's a warm neutral medium which is a gas at lower density than the cold war because of that insa cools less efficiently and so it's hotter in senate. Big around hundred kelvin. Like ten thousand two weeks. And then the new Competent reintroduced we're actually based on earlier work by donald cox was a a hot cup of interstellar medium which was due to the secret so when the stars or especially massive stars sought to be above about excellent assis and their lives after say a few million years on. They can no longer support themselves. They have titanic explosion and released a huge amount of energy. It is running media. they're also when Quite a light show as well and there have been a few historical supernova. Believe you're one of the for example said you have been as bright as the full moon on. Imagine looking at the sight. Seeing the star that light on but now strong studied being supernova in other galaxies and early become as white as galaxy.

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