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We'll continue to see often on rain throughout tonight into early tomorrow morning. As the night goes on, the radio becomes steadier and heavier. Temperatures will be nearly steady or even slowly rising to around 48 by daybreak. Mostly cloudy with gusty breeze for most of the day tomorrow, Raina be outta here Pretty early high tomorrow, right around 48 structures. Don't move that much after a rising tonight. I will see real field captures, though tomorrow in the thirties, thanks to the breeze still blustery. Tomorrow night with partly cloudy sky Low 35 a windy day Sunday Partly sunny, high 43 real field temperatures will be in the twenties and thirties and for Martin Luther King Day on Monday, clouds and some sunshine will be brisk. A high of 42. Partly sunny for Tuesday. Iraq 39 46 degrees Right now it is cloudy in midtown or going to sea temperatures rise to around 48 Tonight

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