PS5: How Sony Can Maintain Excitement in 2021 - Beyond Episode 682



Is it too late for that. That's what we're going to be debating for the rest of the show. Just a whole solid fifty minutes unproper. Happy new year etiquette. Because that's what we're talking about before the show of it. In addition to that we will be talking about playstation because there's a lot of exciting playstation five and hopefully for news talk to in twenty twenty one before we get to all of that. I'm joined this week by brian. Altana hello and happy new year. You said it. Yeah we're going back and forth before the show whether it's right to still do for reference for anyone who writes emails these days. I'm ending every sentence in an exclamation point. we're also joined this week by max scoville. Hello and happy new year. Happy new year to you as well. Max end joined this week by special guest rate. Apollo thank you so much for joining us. Happy to have you here. Thank you so much for having me and happy tuesday. That's how you do it without pissing. Anyone off that is. There must be happy holidays of happy new year. We are very. We're very very happy new year to have you here today. So it's gonna be great statue. State us all right for those. You may not know you. Do you want to give a little intro for the watching or listening. Where can people find you on the webs and the websites and such and what are you up to these days. Well i exist on internet so i work at twitch as a community marketing specialist full-time but i'm also concrete him. A little talk about video games anime manga and just generally try to have a good time when the internet because often neck nasty. Negative stuff out there so i just try to put as much good out. There is can So i'm just hollow and that's to else kind of like the creed but we have a good time and i. I won't throw the towel. Trust me that's not raya polo like the the order fries. Look israel polio. And i'm like notion paul. Thanks because i never even crossed my mind is to same. Everybody goes to the polio. I and i'm like wow really interesting well whether we're here to talk about Chicken or apollo creed. I had chicken for lunch. I love the decreed film so it really works out. This is all you know my favorite subjects to discuss But no ray where. We're happy to have you here. Thank you so much for joining us. Very get into the episode before we do just briefly want to mention lucy is off this week. She'll be joining us soon. So if you're not a lucy will return shortly. But also i wanted to say just a huge thank you to the very very warm reception to our blood borne. Let's so that we put out at the end of last year. It was last week but it was the end of the year Thank you so much to everyone who's watched. Who said kind words on twitter and everywhere about it. We recorded that for reference for people who maybe have a washout re recorded that back in march Very beginning of march before we were never allowed to see each other in person again. And we're really excited to get back to the studio and kept being really excited to get back to the studio and never So we wanted to put that out at the end of the year. We are trying to figure out ways to continue it Because it was so much fun too and we want to continue it. I loved playing bloodborne. So i want to keep our is actually really messed up thing to do is to get you. Hooked on bloodborne and they'd be like you're not allowed to play her placard nine months you you be demon's souls since that'd be deemed on dark souls remastered right now like i needed a fixed because there was there was a good month or two after where it was i can i. Can i play on an ulta count. Maybe just like fake it. After a. But i never played blood but like i. I've waited and having played. Because i loved it. It was such a fun. Show like obviously. I don't want us to be for you guys brandon maxwell i. I think we had a pretty good time with that Recording such a blast some hoping we able to record a second episode soon. Yes i agree. It sucks that we couldn't do that for like a year. But we should be able to do that against mo figure something out but yeah are absolutely replay blah blah blah blah. Never finished it. But i love thi. This is this is. This is a good. This is a hard you get. I got to remember. I just be pearl pearl. Oh yeah okay. Yeah thank electric horse that lives. I've done enough. I'm a. I got back important venture especially now that we have it in the collection. I can go back and try again. Maybe so very true. And we do speaking of the playstation plus collection. We we have some interesting factoid from a listener of your at home. But before we get to that i do want to mention just a brief bit of news to touch on There hasn't been any. I would say world-shaking playstation news since the year began. But you know we record this day before the show goes up. So i'm sure there will be tonight after we record but currently available now For playstation plus maneater for ps five. Which is the shark. Pg replays shark and get to eat a bunch of other animals and people if you like. Please download that game that decades really stupidly fun I had an absolute blast with a it is. It's one of those things. Like if i paid paid full price for which i believe it was always kind of budget price but i would have been a little bit like that. Is that the best. It's not the best game ever made but like to just have it on. Plus this is exactly what you did. Is the perfect january game. Sit around just shut your brain off. Tear up all the men. China's this feels like a game. You would bought like used with a gift card that your aunt gave you in january and i give i give it a shot and then like thirty hours later like oh i gave it a shot you know like yeah i just kind of go with it. I ain't everything it's it's a. It's like aggressively like nineties. Kenner batman action figure. There's like nonsense. You just get like electric in stone. Grilles for your shark makes no sense. It's great the whole thing is like it's narrated by chris. Parnell to like a major documentary. Please give that game a shot. It's it's a stupid good time. So yeah it's a lot of fun and it is I i. I totally agree with you. Guys is one of those games where it's it. It feels like the the aa publisher. That's kind of disappear like the midways. And t h q former t accuses. We were discussing before the show feels like something that would put out so very cool to have and yet to enter really relatively easy platinum because it's not a massive game. It's kind of sort of like it's an rpg. But it's sort of like south park stick of truth in that bite-sized y'all go with that. I like it. i'll go with that for sure. Would you say it's it's easy to the begun. I'm trying to say that you can easily sink your teeth into

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