3 dead in separate violent incidents during a 4-hour period across Houston


Busy day for Houston homicide detectives who worked three separate murder scenes this morning. The first one happened around seven seven this this morning, morning, Investigators Investigators found found a a 58 58 year year old old woman woman stabbed stabbed to to death death in in his his 1700 1700 block block of of Moore Moore Street. Street. Hours Hours later, later, a a man man turned turned himself himself into into police police and and was was taken in for questioning. Two hours later, Another call came into the 6000 block of working Street. Upon arrival, they discovered a white male sitting in the driver's side of this vehicle. What Apparently two gunshot wounds to his chest does appear that the gunshots did come from inside the car for almost two hours Later, homicide detectives were called to the Sterling Point Apartments on Hell Croft Avenue. They found a blackmail near the pool who had been shot. Channel Channel to to Channel Channel two's two's Rachelle Rachelle Turner Turner reporting reporting on on that that one. one.

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