Ep 197: Hoecus Pocus


We are back and black on the black effect network. Hey y'all is to make mallory and my song general street. Politicians is the podcast for the coach. We will be breaking down social and civil rights issues pop culture and politics on our podcast. Everyone's we have special guests as well with local apt to join the show discussing political issues going on in their community. Listen to st politicians on iheartradio at apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your pie drug what decision. We're about to make moral decision. Hey guys walk episode decision. This may be a sign aka. I pee apparently have keep saying We came to to note also talked. We talked about it. You said i couldn't get rid of it. It's a part of me. So i guess thanks. Strap is attached of also. Want to shout outs. You know. I have never had so many amy's in karen and i mean ashley i know that's like i guess every ethnicity name but i'll go white girls that are following us currently. It's fucking wild. They yemen hey with a w. Let's talk about that so two weeks ago. We had some on here name so via. That's our bitch. Let's just talk about a few rules for this african american show. Jesus one of which is the therapists and word usage. And by that. I mean my nigga. We're going to say. Nick we're gonna talk about our negatives gives fucked fox knicks with big dicks. Don't know if you've had with one of them but you can't call them that so much soda where i have yet to make up a nickname for my nigga because apparently i just say my nigga talk about i. I don't know how to come up with a nickname for him. I don't know column. I call them zoomed dake. I mean i met him on. Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom. Make my go boom boom supernova. That's going to be my best friend. Zita look fucking the disney channel. The white show so okay. Maybe over an american rules ladies have a look at and gentlemen have look at a man named dr omar. And i want you to really my nigga. I wanted to watch highlights when he said this is an africans only live. Let me explains oracle decisions to you when we started. This show actually told me any. Like i want this to be for everybody but turns out. It's not quick like man. Foot them crackles. I don't see that word i love i love triscuit. Sweeties all of that. However this show is for black people we encourage white people that are trying to understand us understand what pisses us off and also who are woke and can feel or have black friends or want something close to that right maybe you live in utah sophea and you ain't really seeing that either. We are having you be a part of this experience but what you need to do is respect the space and black one. So latina and indiana jason and any other color in between but this is something that's for us. This is why horrible decisions is what it is. We made this sex pod and have turned it into what it is because we realized that there aren't areas for people that are like. Uh oh look like us and that have these same experiences enjoy them. You guys love a dave chapelle. He'd be talking about nigga shit you don't get either so welcome to our black s world and that you're not going to police these comments. I'm trying to defend the police bitch. So you're not about to come in these comments and say. What if sophia did that to you while she won't and she can't eight on the ship. Ironically that is one right. That whites do not have fuck. Y'all know there were a lot of comments that came about talking about guys you came up with your white voices and yes like you cannot appropriate us. Although y'all are blackfish the fuck out of here trying to be black women so bad so it was really funny like last night. I was like bitch. What the fuck these comments like. I don't know. I feel like a lot of barstool like racist just followed me. Just look at came in there and try to you know but i will say this. She was helicopter was she one. We made her uncomfortable. And that's why i think she. She wrote the punches and we made a fun. So yeah just know that. Also if you want to hear about me fucking white. Guys i think the i seventy five episodes. I was on a power going. See e. actually throw one in there for you. I might because now that i'm going back to ellie utterly wait hospital. Dick was white right and he will no hospital as fun. Monograph oh andrea okay. We'll diesel the last white guidance. Still technically they might be able to get up to like episode. Needs hospital to it is big. Cat was so big. I laughed when i saw it. I think i was like i know you claim and then he used to tell me about like women. He's dated in. Jesus super woke so. He's not about to be like yeah. I've been a black girl so then talk about a story. And i'll be like shows in sound like you sound like me and i was like these are. Why does you and your fucking ankle dangling. Dick were compatible also Shout out to our patrons those of y'all who are all caught up with horrible decisions and what more bonus content yano yakking go on over to patriots dot com slash horrible decisions. I just wanted to bring up. We recently had a town hall. Where again. I wanna shout out this man named marshall marshall had the girls in the comments and he found a black queen during a that. Mean ashley madison. You guys what. That website is figure it out. It is known for believed like having affairs but it also could be for just like wealthy men and you know who are looking beautiful in which she was and what the funny part is is when we were on the town hall with him. You guys want hear. Check that episode out over at our patriot so him and his girl jumped in. And i was like marshall like why you got the black girl. 'cause she'd be cooking for you and he's like no i. Actually i see that is that will tell you right there now. Why girl listen up. Normally i really believe wipe white. Three day in black girl is because y'all been laughed blacking in the food department and we figure out how to help you. I wanna help all my way. I call them away sisters but white. You know what i'm saying. My friends help them. Elevate in the food department. But this girl i think her pussy was so magnificent he was like i'll do the chicken. I'll figure it out. I love it. We'll get a deep fryer. We're gonna do this babe. i love it. I'm here in and everything. I'm here for so today's episode. You guys reno. It's christmas coming up soon. We're gonna try to talk about christmas even though you know. I'm i'm kind of jewish. So i was about to say you don't even celebrate you do but you don't right so this is what happened. I ever talk about when i was growing up. My mom would trick my dad into thinking. No i didn't. I don't think so for those of you know. My mom is black. My father's from israel. My dad was super against us doing christmas stuff. Because my mom converted. Most jews very religious jews you have to convert to marry so my mom converted and you know but she was still going to church on the side so we moved into this big ass house. When i was growing up. You remember the house. My mom was like doing christmas decorations. So the jew that my father is my mom comes up with the best lie she could. She comes downstairs. She was like look. We're gonna get fined by the homeowners association. If we don't put up christmas lights it has to be a tree. It has to be light but it's illegal. It's illegal just like we have to do it. My father takes me in the car. We go to get everything. Get something.

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