The Game Awards Sees Huge Viewership Growth Once Again in 2020

Esports Minute


Right. So first some stats released by The Game Awards this morning on their viewership for the twenty-twenty show. They saw $83 million total live streams with a peek of 8.3 million concurrent viewers. That's an eighty four percent growth on the 2019 broadcast every year the show has been growing rapidly in 2017. The total viewership was eleven point five million. So the game awards has seen an increase of seventy one point five million unique viewers over the last three years, but we do have to qualify these numbers comparing live streaming numbers two numbers from TV broadcast. Is how we ended up with bad stats like League of Legends has more viewers than the Superbowl they don't and they still don't but you could find the CNBC article claiming that they do on Google. They haven't taken it down. I don't know why the problem is that it's an apples to oranges comparison. When you compare unique live streaming viewers to TV ratings, which require consistent viewing. That's why the major Esports developers have brought Nielsen's am a stat to quantify their viewership right against World son AMA of twenty-three million. That's great. The Superbowl is around a hundred million. It's not closed but it's still really impressive when we don't have a m a a better comparison to TV ratings are pecan currents. But even that number is going to be higher than a TV rating because that's based on an average audience not on the top total audience wage. So with those qualifications in place and I am not saying the game awards are bigger than any of the he got family. It feels like it's getting close the Emmys and the tone. He's presenting Awards and wage. TV and Broadway respectively are the two least watched award shows with 5.1 million viewers for the Emmys and five point five million viewers for the Tony's in 2019 the Grammys and the Oscars are on another level above music's Grammys saw viewership of 16.5 million and Hollywood's Oscars were at twenty three point six million in 2019. So how's the game awards have a way to go but this is a broadcast first created in 2014. The Oscars have been around since nineteen twenty-nine the Tonys Grammys and Emmys were all created for a 1960 as well. So it's safe to say they had a bit of a head start with the crazy increase in viewership year-over-year and the way the game awards has embraced KO streaming. It's the only one of these award shows on a growth trajectory. Now again until the game awards Embraces am a stats. We won't be able to directly compare but one comparison we can make is the total industry the two biggest dog. Shows my viewership are in music and film video games are a bigger total industry than music and film combined. It sounds crazy. But it's true. The game awards is quickly becoming to go to a commercial for this massive industry and big stars are beginning to appear at it. Always a good step forward give it another five years and we might have to add another letter to he got

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