BONUS - How to Grow Your Podcast with Colin Gray

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This bonus episode. I'm talking to one of my good friends. Colin gray of the podcast host dot com collins been writing about podcasting for over ten years. He's the creator of the popular editing software allah too and he recently published a book called podcast growth colin. Thank you so much for joining me on the show. Hey album thanks for having me on great to be here yeah. It's great to have you. yes it start. I just read the book. I love it. There's tons of actionable insights on how to grow your podcast audience. I guess i just like to hear why you and matt decided to write a book. Yeah actually i should give credit where credit student. Matthew put way more into this than i did so should really be here in the resume and lindsay harris real as well so hammond lindsay really lead on this and i contributed to so yeah i have to thank them for the reason we came up with the idea was really as we wanted to. We wanted to get something out there in the world. That was the next level podcasting so we the biggest question we always get launch. I'm sure that's the same with you as well album. Like people come along and see. How do i get my podcast out there in the world and ended disappear into the ether. And you you barely hear from them again. A next you know the podcast is defunct fallen off this fall by the wayside. This was really our attempt to answer that next question which people always struggle with which is how do i then make achieve those aims. I always wanted to you know how to make it work for me to grow that audience and i agree with advice out there. We have a lot on our website as well. But we really. We found that when we are working with people. When we're coaching people through takes just growth as a funny thing because it's long long-term espec- especially with podcasting. It takes a little bit every day. A lubbock every week a little bit on a regular basis is not one big thing. It's a little bit ongoing for a long term which makes it work. And that's really. The premise behind the book was the idea of just putting in as many different tasks many different activities as many different tactics. That can take anything from few minutes up a couple of hours but most of them are really short and actionable so that was kind of the idea behind it really to try and give everyone there one place to come to get as many different growth tactics the as as possible really will the book is broken like you said into dozens and dozens of these actionable tips and you explicitly right in the beginning. Say nobody should be trying to do everything in this book. Yeah so many tactics and it's very easy to see them and maybe get overwhelmed. I think he should do everyone. But really what you should be doing is flipping through and finding which of these i mean. Honestly they're going to end up being for you experiments. Do you want to try to see if it will resonate with your audience. Yeah absolutely and yeah. There's there's lots of different types as well so absolutely you could go in the way i see it working. Probably based as somebody picks up they have a flick through the pekka chapter. Possibly that seems to resonate with them. So something like. I am helping yourself by helping others or have we got here. We've got like user surveys of social media of communities that can thing so pick one of them even and actually just work through each of the tasks in that chapter one a week. And i think what a week we really well because it means that you've just got you've got your podcast making tame attack on an extra fifteen twenty minutes and you can do one of these growth tactics and start to grow and i think if you we we're we're not fans of hyperbole over the podcast kind of guarantee anything but if there's anything. I can guarantee if one of these tactics every week rebel year last by the end of that year your audience will be unrecognizable in terms of size and engagement and everything. So yeah i think. That's the intention dined.

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