What Is Wrong With Cam Newton and the Patriots Offense?


To ask a questions about Camp because I want to know what we're watching here and what I mean by that is this is somebody who was considered throughout his entire NFL career to be a top ten to twelve came back. He was never great from the pocket. He was never super accurate, but he was not a dumpster fire. So what's happening is is it he's just off falling off a cliff at age Thirty-One, which doesn't necessarily happen very often if at all at the quarterback position where a guy just you know goes from the top ten to twelve guy to just plummeting to literally one of the you know, 557 worst quarterbacks in the League this year. Is it physical with him Jay Glazer said before the game in Glazier usually has some really good information, you know, he kind of keeps a lot of the stuff in his pocket, but when he drop off stuff, it's usually dropping a bomb unless it's, you know, teasing 24 hours out and offensive lineman with covid-19 another story, but you know, you've got you've got Glazer coming out saying he's in an awful lot of pain. Is it is it that like what I just there needs to be a reason Greg there needs to be a reason why I saw a Cam Newton for eight to nine years in Carolina again not be supervised celebrated with a program and and not be you know, incredible breaking defenses down but still effective and now this guy is completely completely a mess. I'm just trying to make sense of it. Is it is it is it physical that he fall off a cliff is this what he is like are the Patriots not necessarily utilizing him in a manner like Carolina did which would make him more effective. I want to get to the bottom of it cuz I feel like what a lot of people are doing right now and it's it's listen. It's Justified criticize them all you want he's been bad, but I feel like we're more criticized in the result instead of asking why like what has gone wrong is this just the inevitable deterioration of a guy who took a lot of hits and is now what he is. I don't know what the answer is. Yeah. Well here's Answer it's a lot of little things that have sort of added up and gotten us to this point because I think you know really I mean really in the past month. He's been bad. In fact that you would say he was average or a little bit above average but I think on the whole this season, I would say Cam Newton is average number one. As far as factors would Newton and why he's not better why it's not working here. Number one for me is he's no longer. He doesn't have the legs. He used to have he is no longer. He's fine, He's still elusive, but he's an aging mobile quarterback and that doesn't really work and that's always been part of the equation with Cam going back to Auburn. Anyone Heisman Trophy you can teams had to respect his legs. They realized they no longer have to respect his legs because he's not going to just dominate a game with his legs anymore. He doesn't have that ability would be so instead of instead of being afraid of Cam in and being like we have to have eyes on cam and we have to do this and that they're know in playing Zone soft his own. They're no longer. They they realize they no longer have to do that. So, you know, they're just stacking the box and they'll play cover-3 on the outside or man-to-man or what-have-you. They they do whatever they want to do coverage wise cuz they know cams not going to beat them. I mean at most what's he going to get ten fifteen yards? Like he's not going to change the game. Number two is the Patriots just distinct lack of weapons and we'll talk about this anymore in a little bit. But I mean look the Patriots are goddamn horrible at everywhere other than running back and offensive line. I mean they are they're I mean, they're awful. They are awful. They're awful in this division there at the bottom of the Barrel in this division below the Jets below the Dolphins certainly below the bills. I mean, they're just it's falling off a cliff. I mean they have nothing they have no tight ends. They have no wide receivers. They they have running backs. Yeah. They have a great offensive line. Yeah, but it's only going to get you so place so so it's all on cam like when you when you take off If if Cam had better weapons if he was saved the bills, I mean if he had Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley and John Brown and like, you know Gabriel Davis and Dawson box and you know, all these guys all over the place where you can spread them out and they gotta be like, oh crap. Well, we got a double digs because what's going to happen like Then then cam might be able to do some things like between his legs and the lack of weapons. There's just the Patriots are just they're in a telephone booth. They can't they the quarterback can't do anything with the offense of coordinator can't do anything like to me you combine all those things. Plus there's probably some residuals shoulder stuff with Cam you combine all those things? Yeah, and you're right. It's it's not good in offense right

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