The Cowden Family Murders

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Welcome to murder minute on. Today's episode the cowden family murders. But i your true crime headlines one person is dead and four others are injured after a shooting at a minnesota healthcare clinic. Sixty seven year. Old gregory orrick was arrested after the tuesday morning. Shooting at the alina healthcare clinic police received a nine one. One call about shots fired just before eleven. Am when officers arrived. They found multiple victims and took over it into custody. The sheriff described the clinic as quote a horrible looking. Seen one person died at a hospital and three others who were taken to another facility were in critical but stable condition according to hospital officials. All rick was very familiar to law enforcement and was upset with his treatment. Buffalo police chief pat bud key said that most likely the shooting was quote targeted at that facility or someone within that facility given the suspects history of conflict. We are very familiar with the suspect. He said there is a history of him being unhappy with healthcare and with the healthcare he received he said adding that the suspect has lived in the along time authorities said that all rick's history with law enforcement dates back to two thousand and three and that they believed that alrich acted alone. Officers contacted the minneapolis. Bomb squad after. They found a suspicious package in the corner of the health clinics lobby and several more suspicious devices at a nearby super eight motel where all rick was staying agents from the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives were assisting the police chief didn't comment on reports of explosions heard at the clinic or want. Investigators found but key said quote. We don't know or can't confirm what those devices were really anything about. What the intention behind those devices might have been until we're able to complete the investigation. All rick will appear in court on thursday at ten thirty. Am and arkansas woman. Involved in a deadly crash in november has been charged with negligent homicide state. Police reported that thirty year old brooke schuyler. Wells of jonesboro was driving a twenty twenty hyundai north on arkansas. Three fifty one impera gold on november ninth. When her vehicle crossed the center line at about six forty five pm her vehicle collided head on with a twenty fourteen. Nissan driving in the opposite direction the nissan driver fifty-one-year-old rosa's torres was from the vehicle and killed under arkansas law. A person commits negligent manslaughter. When they negligently caused the death of another person as the result of operating a vehicle and aircraft or watercraft while intoxicated or fatigued the law defines fatigued as having gone without sleep for twenty four hours or being asleep. Wells was arrested sunday in the case. A homicide investigation is underway after a dead body was discovered rolled up inside a carpet along the compton creek in rancho dominguez. California deputies were on patrol in the area just after eleven. Am on tuesday when they spotted. The large carpet rolled up in an area north of dell ammo boulevard according to los angeles county sheriff's officials when they unrolled the carpet. Deputies say they found the corpse of a man who had been beaten and stabbed. The victim was only described as latino and the sheriff's department said that county coroner's officials were working to determine his identity. Investigators are searching for leads. Anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff's homicide bureau at three two three eight nine zero five. Five zero zero anonymous. Tips may be called in at eight hundred. Two two two eight four seven seven or submitted via l. a. crime stoppers dot org those your true crime headlines up next the cowden family murders but first a quick break. This episode is sponsored by a posture fee. 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