Biden Imposes Sanctions on Generals Who Engineered Myanmar Coup


At russian protests. Plenty of people holding up gold painted toilet. Brushes luxuriant lose can tell you a lot about despotic leaders. So we head into the smallest rooms from history but i for the sixth consecutive day across me on mar. Tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets. They've been demonstrating since the military seized power last week. Overthrowing the elected government of aung san suu achieve. The army has claimed without evidence that an election in november one by miss sushi's party was fraudulent cinema. Today you've got. Where do ya on monday. The top military commander now in charge me. An online made his first televised address since the coup. He restated pledge to hold elections after year long state of emergency and he tried to reassure the public and investors that his interim government would be different from the oppressive That ran the country for nearly half a century. But america said yesterday it will impose fresh sanctions in response to the coup. I've approved a new executive order enabling us to sanction the military leaders who directed the coup their business interests as well as close family members and myanmar's biggest protest movement in a generation isn't backing down every night since the army toppled me and mars civilian government on february. First people all over. The country have banged their pots and pans at atm. This is an old ritual to cast out evil spirits which has morphed into a protest. Totally mccann are southeast. Asia correspondent. Many of these demonstrations have the air of carnival yesterday about one hundred young women paraded around downtown gone wearing disney princess outfits because they wanted to make the point that it wasn't just grownups who are angry about the coup. It's also girls. Their age and the streets are flooded with red balloons. Red being the color of aung san suu cheese national league for democracy party then lt in fact if you look at pictures today you won't see that many red balloons anymore. Because they've all sold out and how has the military reacted to all these protests. What's changed since we spoke just over a week ago when the protests hadn't started but there was clearly discontent about the coup. The army is trying to put a stop to these protests on monday. It's ian named true news. Information team issued a statement saying that action would be taken against wrongdoers who disrupt the state stability true to their word in cities across the country. Police are lobbing tear gas into crowds firing water cannon in mandalay me and mars second city. The police tried to disperse a crowd by beating them with truncheons and police are also firing rubber bullets. Three protesters are now being treated for wounds from bullets. And two people in the capital naypyidaw were shot with what seems to have been live ammunition and so as the military response ramps up our people frightened of what might happen if they continue to take the streets. Yeah i mean despite the carnival ask air of some of these protests. There is a deep sense of foreboding. Military rule only ended ten years ago so people remember how the previous junta crush dissent huge rallies took place nine hundred eighty eight and two thousand and seven and the army responded by shooting into crowds of protesters killing hundreds of people so protesters today are right to be worried. And they're alive. The fact that the military regime is up to his old tricks again. Agents from feared intelligence service or knocking on doors driving many activists and journalists into hiding at least two hundred people have arrested and on monday ninety districts including in the largest city and the capital impose curfews and restricted gatherings to no more than five people effectively criminalizing public assembly and last night the draft of new cybersecurity law. The government wants to pass was leaked. This would give regime sweeping powers to control the internet and effectively end free speech online so given all of those risks. Who is it that that's daring to go out into the streets. It is people from all walks of life. Teenagers labor's professionals. Lots of people are on strike teachers. Firefighters and health workers government workers are resigning en masse among them the entirety of the ministry of welfare. We saw extraordinary scenes on tuesday. The handful of officers in the police force actually broke ranks and join the protesters extraordinary because the police under the command of the army. So it's very unusual for them to be doing this and joining them yesterday. Where nearly fifty police officers from kaya state who declared their opposition to the coup. And what does it they all want. Of course they to reverse the coup they want to restore democracy and they want the release of their hero. Aung san suu cheap as well as other members of her nationally for democracy party who also been detained and do you think there's a chance that with all of this unrest who might backfire on the general's not just the response of people i suppose but also international response. It certainly hasn't been the fate of they expected. Mass resignations. i mentioned are roiling. the bureaucracy and form businesses are exiting the country so analysts saying it's going to be very difficult to see how they got some kind of status quo ante and younger generations are not going to back down easily. They're educated than they were a decade ago more organized and much more connected because of the arrival of the internet about a decade ago us leaders demands are hardening. They're talking about ending army rule altogether and scrapping the constitution which the generals wrote some activists. I interviewed said that if non violent protests fail they are bent on taking weapons and fighting when it comes to the international community in america. President joe biden said yesterday that he had approved an executive order that will pave the way for new. us sanctions. We will identify first round of targets this week. And we're also going to impose strong exports controls we're freezing. Us assets that benefit the burmese government while maintaining our support for healthcare civil society groups and other areas that benefit the people of burma directly but will these sanctions do much. Do you think. Joe biden has staked his foreign policy on reinvigorating democracy around the world. And that's why he's so keen throughout these sanctions but they are unlikely to convince the generals to change course just two years ago and nineteen the commander in chief minister lying and three other generals had sanctions placed on them by the us they proceeded with their coup. Anyway they're used to being isolated by the world and i just don't think that america's sanctions are going to convince them to change course. I feel that this conflict from the protest was in the army may be coming to ahead. The commander in chief is a deeply proud man and he will not stand by as the institution to which is dedicated to his career is humiliated by protesters and disney princess outfits at the same time. The protesters are digging in their heels. I think it's become clear that over the last week there's no returning to the quasi democracy at me and mom -joyed of the last decade either. The army cracks down and it's returned to the battle. Days of military rule or a new political system is going to emerge from the rooms of the old one. My fear is that the former scenario seems much will likely the ladder.

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