Six Days in Fallujah remerges 11 years after Konami ditched it


Commies cancelled iraq war game six days in fallujah has been revived the action game which was due to depict the real life by iraq battle via a mix of game playing interview footage from marines. Who were there was canceled in two thousand nine due to criticism from the press. British military veterans in antiwar groups. Now victoria. i'm saying that right round. Victor publisher foreign by the ceo of the original developer. Atomic games has announced that the game is back in development. At high watt highwire games. The studio founded by bungee veterans. Jamie greece. mayor. Jared noftle in martin donal. It will release this year for calls and according to the announcement six days flu remains a first person. A military shooter based on true stories from the second battle or flew in two thousand and four victoria claims it. It's been working in partnership with front-line marines and soldiers who fought in the battle of felicia and says its intention with six days is to quote bring players closer to the uncertainty and tactics of modern combat and quote than other video games have explored over one hundred marines soldiers and iraqi civilians who were present during the second battle of lucia have shared their personal stories photographs in video recordings with the development team. It claims the game presents these stories through the original documentary interview footage quote. It's hard understand. What combat is actually like through fake people. Doing fake things and fake places said victor Ceo peter bay in a prepared statement quote. This generation showed sacrifice and courage in iraq As remarkable as any in history and now they're offering the rest of us a new way to understand one of the most important events of our century. It's time to be. It's time to challenge outdated stereotypes about what video games can and quote james cowgill. Six days original producer told variety twenty eighteen. That the game was i canceled. Because it's real world content and media coverage scared konami higher ups quote basically wants. Japan realized they had a controversial game on their hands. Everything just went quiet from konami. The support just dropped said because be cancelled. The contract the games rights then reverted back to its developer. In two thousand and nine tim collins a former colonel famed for an eve of battle speech in two thousand and three claimed it was much too soon to make a video game about war. That was still going on quote. It's particularly insensitive. Given what happened in florida. And i will certainly oppose the release of this game. He said again. That was in two thousand. Nine victoria said on thursday that it was aiming to make six as volusia quote the most authentic military shooter to date and to tell its military and civilians stories with the integrity. They

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