Me, Him And Her


Stephen shirley i've been in a relationship with a man for at least twelve years. We've known each other. Since we were children growing up in the church we are the perfect couple. We have great memories and we always planned to spend the rest of our lives together. The only thing that's coming between us is the woman he lives with. My man was in prison for fourteen years but i was faithful to him the entire time when he got out he moved in with the female he only known a few months. He's been out for five years and now he's trapped with her because she's helping him get back on its feet and he's helping her take care of her kids and his kid. He told me that her youngest child is his. And i didn't hold it against him because things happen whenever we talk. He tells me he's miserable and says he wants to come live with me. The final straw was when he told me that she's making him marry her since she's been taking care of him for five years. He told me that she knows about me and thinks we're just best friends. Stop him from marrying her because he does not love her. He's into threesomes and he's had a wild sex life. So i know he's bored out of his mind with her. I have a nice home and enough money to take care of us so it would be a smooth transition for him. I failed to mention that. I'm a very handsome and debonair man because that has nothing has nothing to do with wire. Wrote this letter okay. I want my man with me where he belongs. How can i get him from this woman. Okay okay you try to trick us right there in the end. But i'm gonna tell you. Sat out completely tricked. He tried it the advice. We i'm going to give will be the same if it's a man or a woman in this in this particular instance. Yeah so you asked the question. How can you get him from this woman and the answer is you can't you can't get him away. He is where he wants to be. Either he's scared to come out as bisexual or gay or he's just plain selfish. Wants you both on his terms. I mean you've heard the expression wanting his cake. I want my cake and eat it too. Well that's what this is about. Twelve years is a long time to be with anyone right anyone without some type or any type of commitment marriage. I'm going to marry you. Be a life partner. Common-law something. I mean you should do yourself a favor and realized that he's lying to you just to keep you on the side and to make sure you don't go anywhere else or be with anyone else so you gotta stop believing his lies you have to. I mean he's telling you he's miserable and wants to come live with you. Why hasn't he done it. I mean he's helping. She's helping him get back on. Its feet sounds like he's been back on his feet for all of the five years he's been out and the biggest lie. She's making him mary her well. How is she doing that. You mentioned in the letter of her putting a gun to his head. He didn't tell you that or anything. How how is he doing that. Because the kids are or whatever no. He's lying he does not want to be with you time like that. He wants to keep it on the down low. Okay you need to let him go and just and let him just be with her and you find yourself someone else because you know this is all. You're going to get from him. This is it and you don't wanna waste another twelve years with him. You're just wasting your time waiting for this guy. He's not going to

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